Tuesday’s Love Jones – Aging Sensually!

If your sex drive has taken a dive recently, you’re not alone: it’s common to go through waves of low libido as we age, buy just because we’re aging does not mean we have to take this lying down (get it? Lying down?) Let’s try out some of these of methods of boosting your sex drive and you’re sure to feel like your old self in no time.

Get Your Vitamin C Fix
Taking in plenty of vitamin C is good for you. What you might not have known, though, is that it’s also great for your sex drive. It turns out stocking up on foods like oranges, kiwi, green peppers, guava, and strawberries can really get you in the mood. Studies show that women who have high intakes tend to have more and sex.

Have a Cup of Coffee
Coffee wakes you up, gives you energy, and boosts your sex drive! Caffeine tends to make you want to get it on and will even give you a better experience once you do. So grab a cup or two tomorrow morning and get it on before work.

Massage Oil
Did you know that applying topically to your nether regions to heat things up?

Drink Some Red Wine
Drinking red wine to help increase your sex drive sounds way too good to be true. But no, you’re not dreaming! Studies found that treating yourself to a moderate intake of the antioxidant-packed beverage could help increase sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual function.

Try Fenugreek
You might not know too much about Fenugreek. The medicinal herb is touted as a way to help lower blood sugar levels and increase breast milk production, but research literally found that by taking a daily supplement of the powerful plant could also play a role in increasing sexual arousal and desire.

Serve Up Some Watermelon
Eating watermelon is such a summer treat, but you might want to grab it year-round: Research found the fruit might have Viagra-like effects on the body, giving your libido a solid boost due to the compounds it contains.


Make Time for Intimacy
It might feel weird taking the time to schedule in your freaking in the sheets, but in these fast flighting days we need way more playtime in our lives, right? The Mayo Clinic says adding some time for intimacy can get your sex drive back on track. And, get with the times and make that cell phone work for you more by sending a calendar invite to your hubby with some eggplant emojis to give him something to look for.

Drink Pomegranate Juice
Aside from water, there’s one more important beverage to include in your diet—at least in terms of your sex drive: pomegranate juice. According to a recent study in Scotland, just one glass a day not only helped boost participants’ mood and memory, but it also increased the amount of testosterone in their bodies, in turn increasing their libido. And for more ways to boost your testosterone.

Be More Open and Transparent with Your Partner
Sitting down and talking about why your sex drive has taken a hit with your partner might feel uncomfortable, but it’s necessary…especially if you want to get back on track! The Mayo Clinic also says communicating in an open, honest way can help you “maintain a stronger emotional connection, which can lead to better sex.” I always tell the men that come to counseling with their wives – “Honesty can be one of the sexiest things to turn your woman on!”

Doctor Prescribed Clitoral Therapy
Did you know that your doctor could help you increase your sex drive with a simply prescription for a device that costs $250? According to Harvard University, the Eros Clitoral Therapy Device uses a gentle vacuum to increase genital flow to the area — and in clinical trials, women were super impressed: 90% felt more sensation in the area after using it, and 80% had increased sexual satisfaction.

Reading Sexy Lit
Books are the best sex toy. According to a medical sexologist, nothing promotes sexual behavior and satisfaction quite like reading a book. This approach, known as bibliotherapy, has the ability to heal patients through the reading of texts. Sexy texts, in this case.
In addition to the sexual benefits of reading, bibliotherapy also has general psychological perks. Research suggests that actively fantasizing releases chemicals like dopamine and testosterone, which promote happiness.

It’s better than adult films because most women can’t relate to watching a hairless, glistening model with a tiny waist and huge breasts. Writers of erotica generally omit physical details about the characters’ appearances. Instead, they focus on emotional relationships and situations. This makes it easier for female readers to insert themselves in the scenario.

Books are safe the meaningful relationship if you’re trying to repair your libido. Women can’t feel aroused if they are inhibited. Finding that right balance of familiarity and boundaries can be hard to do, but books make it easy. Anyone can pick up a book at their leisure and read it on their own time.

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TLj – Intimacy Does Not Equal Sex!

Even though “intimacy” has nothing to do with the act of sex…there is a certain arousal that takes place when a lover takes time to give you their personal attention with no expectations in return.

There are many things to do that will draw couples closer that is just as euphoric as sex…

3f6ae861e6d73fd2d576a6ca59d7a742OFFER TO HELP YOUR PARTNER WITH SOMETHING: Nothing is quite as sexy as a man that’s not afraid to help with the dishes or any other chores for that matter. Helping your partner with some random task gives you the two of you extra time together and shows you care. It’s amazing how close you feel when you wash and he dries.

PLAY TRUTH OR DARE: Add a bit of risk into the equation with some old school Truth or Dare. I know it might sound childish, but why should couples have to be mature 24/7? Sit down in the middle of the living room floor and have fun. You’ll be laughing and opening up in no time. If you play it right, one intimate thing might just lead into another.

FOCUS ON JUST MAKING OUT: Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of just making out. Keep the clothes on and enjoy the thrill of kissing without expecting anything else. Going straight to the main course is so boring. Try something more innocent and see how connected you truly feel.

SHARE YOUR FANTASIES: I didn’t say other forms of intimacy had to exclude sex completely. How often have you wanted to role play? You don’t have to do them right this second, but it takes courage to open up and say what you’d love to try one day.

intimacyAnd, fantasies does not mean that your partner wants to experience wild thoughts with another person…it simply means it something that has crossed their minds and they’d really like to do them with you if you’re open minded enough.

DANCE TO YOUR FAVORITE SONGS: Want to see each other without the daily stress and just have fun? Dance to your favorite songs. Sit down together, make a playlist and dance like no one’s watching. You’ll laugh, forget about being self-conscious and open up to each other in a way you’ve probably never done before.

Intimacy happens off the bed sometimes. Give these a try and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Have an intimant Tuesday

Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Integration of a Letter!

pile-love-lettersFor generations love letters had been the main source of communication for soldiers to their wives and girlfriends. Their loved ones would write back giving a soldier hope for the future and no doubt increase their strength, courage and overall morale.

Love letters have been treasured and written for centuries. Over the years the style of writing may have changed but their basic essence will always remain the same and that is to communicate the raw and true emotion of human devotion.

However, modern technology has led to a decline in the traditional writing of love letters. Instead of the art of writing by hand, you can now email loving sentiments, instant message them, tweet them and fax them but there is still nothing like receiving a conventional hand crafted letter by traditional post especially when sent overnight to a lover.

Written love letters are still and will always remain the most paradigmatic expression of love and heartfelt emotions expressed. Pure thoughts confessed by ink to paper. Confessions in ink that leaves a stain on our hearts even when the paper has long gone and withered away.

Song of Solomon PawiiBlogsThe earliest recording of the love letter dates as far back as the book of Solomon in the bible. One of the finest love art written about the love, adoration and attraction towards his woman is found in “Song of Solomon chapter 4.”

1 Behold, you are beautiful, my love,
behold, you are beautiful!
Your eyes are doves
behind your veil.
Your hair is like a flock of goats
leaping down the slopes of Gilead.
2 Your teeth are like a flock of shorn ewes
that have come up from the washing,
all of which bear twins,
and not one among them has lost its young.
3 Your lips are like a scarlet thread,
and your mouth is lovely.
Your cheeks are like halves of a pomegranate
behind your veil.
4 Your neck is like the tower of David,
built in rows of stone;
on it hang a thousand shields,
all of them shields of warriors.
5 Your two breasts are like two fawns,
twins of a gazelle,
that graze among the lilies.
6 Until the day breathes
and the shadows flee,
I will go away to the mountain of myrrh
and the hill of frankincense.
7 You are altogether beautiful, my love;
there is no flaw in you.
8 Come with me from Lebanon, my bride;
come with me from Lebanon.
Depart[b] from the peak of Amana,
from the peak of Senir and Hermon,
from the dens of lions,
from the mountains of leopards.
9 You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride;
you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes,
with one jewel of your necklace.
10 How beautiful is your love, my sister, my bride!
How much better is your love than wine,
and the fragrance of your oils than any spice!
11 Your lips drip nectar, my bride;
honey and milk are under your tongue;
the fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
12 A garden locked is my sister, my bride,
a spring locked, a fountain sealed.
13 Your shoots are an orchard of pomegranates
with all choicest fruits,
henna with nard,
14 nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon,
with all trees of frankincense,
myrrh and aloes,
with all choice spices—
15 a garden fountain, a well of living water,
and flowing streams from Lebanon.
16 Awake, O north wind,
and come, O south wind!
Blow upon my garden,
let its spices flow.

Now is that letter writing at best or what? There is absolutely not one woman or man on earth that would not writtenly want to be adored like that.

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In closing, on this wonderful Tuesday’s Love Jones edition…do something different and write a short letter to the person you love today. Go all out and put you heartstrings to ink proclaiming your love.

For example


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