Tuesday’s Love Jones – Types of Orgasms All Grown Women Should Be Having!


We all ready know that female sexuality is a bit more complex than men’s, but it is so complex, a lot of couples out there have experimented with sexual games, or people decide to explore their bodies to get to know themselves better

  1. The clitoris: We call it the success locket

This is the most well-known sexual part of the woman, and it’s the easiest orgasm to achieve because it is the most easily accessed. It can easily be caressed. Women love being stimulated in this area, and men already know the path to driving their partner crazy.

  1. The vaginal orgasm

This is also another well-known one, and for some more reserved couples, it’s the only one. It’s also one of the most difficult orgasm types to achieve. Simple penetration does not stimulate the famous G spot.

In order to achieve this orgasm, you need to try hard and concentrate. Even though it’s complex, we recommend that you don’t toss it aside, because it can be extremely satisfying.

To do this you will need good communication is important with your partner. There are different positions that can stimulate this area: standing, kneeling, sitting, from behind or from the side—go until you find the perfect position.

  1. The mixed orgasm – The Winner

This is one of the most intense of all female orgasm types, and it is achieved by stimulating the clitoris along with reaching vaginal stimulation. It’s also known as a complete orgasm. Here the woman feels her entire body tremble, and is sensitive to all sensations.

There are a lot of women that don’t realize that, in addition to the G spot, the clitoris has ramifications around the vulva and inside the vagina, which is why you can stimulate both of them at the same time.

This can be achieved by stimulating both areas simultaneously. And since it’s not easily done the first few times around, you might need to do a basic body analysis. As the woman, we always recommend that you help. Try positions where you’re on top, and switch between different types of movements until finding the perfect one. Just this…you can do it!!!

4. Exercising at the gym can give you an orgasm

Running together.

According to a new study, women don’t need a man, or vibrators, or even direct sexual stimulation to reach an orgasm. The phenomenon that is female sexual pleasure can be induced by exercise.

PawiiOrgasmYou might be the type of woman that goes to the gym every day, or perhaps you climbed some steep stairs and felt a certain kind of tickle. If so, you have experienced sexual pleasure caused by exercise.

These orgasm types won’t produce in you even half of the sensations that you’ll feel in the previously mentioned ones. Some women have developed this way of feeling pleasure, making it more and more pleasurable and intense; abs, bicycling, aerobics or running. You won’t lose anything by trying it. Although, it is pretty gross to think of woman orgasming all over our local gym!!!!

In Closing…

Reaching an orgasm might not be the easiest thing in the world for women, primarily if you don’t know your own body. Get to know your body and practice, practice, practice!!!

TLj – Rapturous Bonds!

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.” ~Unknown

By now I’m sure that most of of us KNOW that there are no such things as perfect relationships, but however, there are perfect things we can do to make them feel that way.


Trust is crucial. Period. No ifs or buts. If you are in the relationship for the long term, you simply cannot afford to have trust issues. There is no room for doubt. You have to trust with a full heart that your partner loves you.

Quality Time

Quality time is essential. Do something fun together, do something meaningful, have meaningful conversations, pay attention to each other, and express your love like crazy.


When you communicate with your loved one, remember that love is the key. Speak from the heart. Have good intentions and be clear. Discuss problems in a loving manner. Practice effective active listening skills; do not interrupt the other person, listen and watch. Be mindful. Remain calm. Be respectful. Be loving.

Small Acts of Kindness

Small acts of kindness have always been a big part of of a good relationship. Small acts are vital. Whether it is a small gift, doing the dishes, or giving a hug, it shows your love and support. Send flowers, send an ecard, or leave a small note on the table. Bake cookies or make breakfast in bed. Give hugs and kisses for no reason other than to show your love.

Express Your Love

Love is always the foundation. It’s nearly obvious, but sometimes so obvious that couples tend to forget about it, and saying “I love you” becomes monotonous. But love is the basis and the reason of your relationship. So express your love through actions, words, and non-verbal communication. Don’t make “I love you” a routine, but instead always, and I do mean always, say it from the heart.

This is Kat’s call and have a rapturous Tuesday!!!

Put A Wedge In It Blogs – Look at this Mitch!

Look at this #Mitch! #Repost @kevinhart4real ・・・Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife just like he did in his first marriage and has finally put out a lame “I’m not perfect apology” video! 

Which this video only comes in lieu of the woman he cheated with trying to extort money from him to keep her mouth shut! 

Humph…!!! When are people gonna realize that being perfect is not what keeps us from CHEATING!!! COMMITMENT is what keeps folks from hurting their partners!!! 

Fat and Unimaginative? – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

First in today’s quick entertainment news: 

Jackson and Aaliyah were planning to collaborate together musicjanetally before Aaliyah’s untimely death August 25, 2001. Jackson wrote a brief but touching handwritten letter to Aaliyah and shared with her millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Jackson captioned her post, “I know u r there shining down on me. ‪#‎ConversationsInACafe‬.”

“What I shared with u ever sacred everlasting N it’s pure + it will endure
I love u Aaliyah

Fat and Unimaginative? – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

I want him to pacify me each night and sometimes each morning.  He may awaken me every day by my gliding himself over my lips, pressing gently against them, urging me to part my lips so that my tongue may openly greet him.   He may tease me by stroking himself as I suck on the head of it allowing his fingers to bump against my lips as he helps me please him fully. ~ Evangeline

There is no reason that a person shouldn’t feel as though they are getting the most out of sex just because of their weight. Sex in a relationship is way too important to let poundage get in the way!Get Yo Life My advice is to GET YO LIFE….Your Sex Life that is!!!

One thing that challenges a lot of fat people when it comes to sex is feeling sexy. It can be hard to find sexy underwear and lingerie that fits fat people, and if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your
body, your confidence will go way down. There are multiple ways I’ve found to help calm those nerves. Go shopping online for lingerie. There are so many sites that have great sizes in all sizes that are complimenting to the curvy girl and very sexy.  Try Lane Bryant, Torrid and For Play Catalog for starters.

NowDOGGIE for some great positions that will get the job done…

Good old fashion DOGGIE:

Doggie is a great position because it gives your partner plenty of room to work with, plus the belly is out of the way. This position props your butt up creating lots of space for penetration. It’s comfortable and EFFECTIVE!


Be the Woman on Top:

Give yourself permission to ride your lover until the cows come home forward and backwards. When you have gained weight I know it feels uncomfortable to see
yourself like that, but don’t be afraid to enjoy your body NOW while on the journey to they way you want to look physically.

Get your Missionary Work In:

If you have a bit of a belly, get out those pillows! Put a pillow right under your butt. This will give your partner optimal thrusting room since this positioning moves your thighs out of the way and really opens the vagina up for deep penetration.


Hope this helps and have an awesome Tuesday!