TLj – The Splendor of Sex!

Never be afraid to try new things in your relationship!!! Open up the world to wonderful by learning the splendor of sex! “Jeremy! Jeremy!” yelled an excited Kendall after her first class over at the City College of San Francisco. “What is it babe!” He says, removing his glasses and closing his studies to see what Kendall was yelling about. “What … Continue reading TLj – The Splendor of Sex!

TLj – Rapturous Bonds!

By now I'm sure that most of of us KNOW that there are no such things as perfect relationships, but however, there are perfect things we can do to make them feel that way.

Put A Wedge In It Blogs – Look at this Mitch!

Look at this #Mitch! #Repost @kevinhart4real ・・・Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife just like he did in his first marriage and has finally put out a lame "I'm not perfect apology" video!  Which this video only comes in lieu of the woman he cheated with trying to extort money from him to keep her … Continue reading Put A Wedge In It Blogs – Look at this Mitch!