Put A Wedge In It Blogs – Look at this Mitch!

Look at this #Mitch! #Repost @kevinhart4real ・・・Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife just like he did in his first marriage and has finally put out a lame “I’m not perfect apology” video! 

Which this video only comes in lieu of the woman he cheated with trying to extort money from him to keep her mouth shut! 

Humph…!!! When are people gonna realize that being perfect is not what keeps us from CHEATING!!! COMMITMENT is what keeps folks from hurting their partners!!! 

Tuesday’s Love Jones – 5 Common Mistakes Women Make that can End their Marriage!

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”  By implementing some of these changes, the common mistakes women make in marriage may turn into a much happier marriage.


Here are 5 common mistakes women make in marriage that must stop…

1. Not showing their husband respect.  Respect his judgment.  Don’t constantly question his decisions.  Respect his abilities.  Give him a chance to fix the sink before you call the plumber.

2. Not affirming their husband as a man.  Tell your husband that you think he is handsome.  Thank him for being a good father and provider.

3. Not putting their husband before their kids.  Don’t let your life revolve around your kids.  At some point, your children will leave home and you will find yourself sharing an empty house with a total stranger. Make your relationship with your husband a top priority.

4. Not trusting their husband.  Trust can be difficult, but it is necessary.  Without it, you will never feel secure in your marriage.  And, your husband will never feel like he is worthy of your trust.  If trust has been broken by your husband, he will need to earn it back. Allow him to take the necessary steps to restore it.  A marriage without trust is built not on a rock, but on the sand.

5. Not wanting their husband physically.  Physical intimacy is important to a man.  To know that he is desired by his wife makes him feel like he is important.  Your husband wants to be wanted.  Make it a priority in your marriage.

What common mistakes do you make in your marriage?  Please share them with us.

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Tuesday’s Love Jones – Free for Crisis!


Hello Folks Happy Tuesday!

Today we are dedicating this post for couples in crisis or those whom are facing divorce!

Did you know that divorce effect a family with the same symptoms as death without a funeral – the death of a marriage.  The grief surrounding divorce is much more complicated than the emotions following a real death. When a couple break the chains of marriage if adds such a void not only in our own lives, but tremendous anguish of losing the security of marriage in our children, family and friends.

All marriages my NOT be feasible to stay in union, but if you think deep down in your heart that yours is worth saving, read my book before you throw in the towel.


For couples in crisis, I am sending you my book for free all day today! Yes FREE and That’s free shipping too!  All I need you to do is Email Me your address and it will ship ASAP!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – I Got a Little Side Tracked!


Recently, I have gotten off course with the writings of romance stories and more onto the relationships that create reasons for the romance.  Due to the fact that “books” are now the new“the new business card, I have found it imperative to let go of a few projects in order to  complete an actual relationship guide to have available for my clients.  PRESS RELEASE

It’s finally finished and will be available April 30th 2013, on amazon, kindles, www.katrinagurl.com and bookstores, so look for upcoming specials and freebies!!!

This book, I hope will give my readers, the basic knowledge they’ll need to have a successful union in marriage and relationships.

There is nothing worse than having gone on an unforeseen journey without the proper gear for safe travels. I for one surely wished I’d had a booklet like this at my side during the start of troubles in my own marriage. Oh, the many headaches that may not have come and oh, how many fires would have been put out way before they even had gotten the chance to spark its first flame.

Being married is a wonderful experience that will take much work along the way to properly build its potential beauty. The structure and the foundation of the union is what will make a marriage or relationship stand the test of time. Love, patience, trust and sometimes MUCH forgiveness are the mixings of a successful relationship.

There is no such thing as “THEE PERFECT” marriage or relationship, but there is such a thing as loving, giving and living the best way you know how to ensure protection for your marriages. Many times, people will protect their homes, cars, boats with expensive alarms and even potential sexual encounters, but we should also take the necessary precautions to protect our marriages too. The way that we ensure and protect is to first gain the knowledge of how to do so. This book gives you the basic tools to begin putting the work in.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a couple taking the responsibility of encouraging each other to meet goals in the relationship.  If that makes sense to you, this will be a happy read.