Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Rhythm of Love!

The Rhythm of Love by Katrina Gurl We all know that sex can be a tricky subject and sometimes we are not really sure how to set the mood, but the one thing we can always count on in music.  Having a sexy playlist can downplay those initial awkward minutes, as well as serve as a … Continue reading Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Rhythm of Love!

Put A Wedge In It – The Social Edition!

We were moving from the melting pot of Central Valley California

Make 2014 Yours by Katrina Gurl

  Pawii Is Back!!! Hello and welcome BACK to PAWII BLOGS full in effect!!!  We are wishing you THEE MOST amazing 2014 EVER!!!  It's so amazing the be able to get another 365 days to get it RIGHT!  We are anticipating this year to be prosperous for you all! Pawii's New Year's Personal Tips: One … Continue reading Make 2014 Yours by Katrina Gurl

Resolution Time!

  Get Waisted by Sexy Belly Now Just in time for all those "NEW YEAR'S Resolutions!!! It's not just about looking good in a pair of jeans. It's about feeling better, sexier and feeling positive about ourselves.  Our goal is to help our customers look and feel their best, because we believe...when you look good … Continue reading Resolution Time!