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Look at this #Mitch! #Repost @kevinhart4real ・・・Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife just like he did in his first marriage and has finally put out a lame “I’m not perfect apology” video! 

Which this video only comes in lieu of the woman he cheated with trying to extort money from him to keep her mouth shut! 

Humph…!!! When are people gonna realize that being perfect is not what keeps us from CHEATING!!! COMMITMENT is what keeps folks from hurting their partners!!! 

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Observing Passion!

Passion in the relationships makes love sizzle and cause you to levitate above your problems.  Our brains stimulate us more when we are in love or impassioned? Life seems glorious. Our problems don’t matter so much.  Impassioned relationships can work very well too, but there can be conflict and problems.

Inviting More Passion into Your Life

PawiiBlog on Passion

It always helps if each person in a relationship is passionate about his/her own life, and has a good relationship with himself/herself. If you are passionate about your life, every day starts with your energizing smile. You can’t wait to get out of bed! The other people in your life feel the energy and they want to be around you.

If you are passionate about your career, you are going to bring a lot of positive energy into your relationships. That can have a powerful influence for the good on the relationships that matter most. When each person is energized by his/her work, and they feel a sense of fulfillment because they are doing something they love and believe in, the relationship is going to percolate, baby.

If you are not happy in your work, the simple solution is to get happy! Don’t accept the same old status quo of your life. Find more fulfilling work – something about which you can truly be passionate. Something you feel you were meant to do or believe in immensely.

Is Romance in Play?

PawiiBlogs on Passion

In passionate relationships, people sometimes want lust or enchantment, not passion. They want passionate relationships to be characterized by that giddy state of affairs that often occurs during the first two or three years of a new relationship.

Mature relationships go through phases and changes, and the couple moves beyond the enchantment phase and settles into a quieter, perhaps more peaceful way of being together. It can be even more beautiful than the excitement of the enchantment phase, if the couple can stop and appreciate the warm glow that comes with knowing and loving each other ever so much more deeply.

Mature relationships can be like fine wine. The difference is subtle, but oh so good. Take time to find and nurture those subtleties.

Kat’s Tips – Give your passionate relationships a check‑up.

  1. Are the two of you equally committed to it?
  2. Are you equally empowered?
  3. Does each partner have an equal voice?
  4. Is your marriage set up mostly for the convenience and comfort of one over the other?
  5. Does one spouse have more responsibility and work to do than the other?
  6. Is the relationship fair?
  7. Are the partners equally supportive and helpful?
  8. Are you experiencing conflict on a spiritual level?
  9. Is one person doing most of the giving?

By addressing any concerns in these areas, you will improve your relationship substantially an if you find it difficult to use these steps, relationship coaching may be able to help. We can talk about ways coaching can directly benefit your relationships and make you happier and stronger. Relationships that reach their highest potential give life great meaning, happiness, and joy.

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About a week before this post we asked our MEN ON REEL STAFF to give us one way they’d bring passion into their relationship and our longtime friend, Emmanuel Brown of the Seeing Growth Network came up with “poetry” as a way to show his woman how she completely captivates his attention.

A special thanks E! This Poetry is invigorating…you have a lucky girl on your hands!!! To find out all about Mr. Brown, visit him at www.seeinggrowth.net


By Emmanuel Brown

Let me observe you, from up close and afar
Gazing through your nights at a chocolate star
If you notice, please respond with that smile
No need to say a word, your action cover the miles
Maybe you didn’t think that you could melt through my coldness
But you definitely do, with that strength and that boldness
I couldn’t say a word when you took that powerful stance
As a humbled man, all I could do is wonder and glance
You knew what you did, you know what you do
Stepping into my game and you were wearing only you
So I put you in position and I even played the center
My house, my domain, so I’m the only one that could enter
But still your game remained just out of my reach
And I found myself being coached and learning to teach
Is that why do what you do from way over yonder?
Is it to leave me in cold sweats with many thoughts to ponder?
Is that smile just a smile or is there something in between?
Are you Seeing Growth in me, or Seeing something a little lean?
Are you hearing what I’m hearing? Are you feeling what I’m feeling?
Do you notice my shivers and shakes while I’m rocking and reeling?
Are you looking in my eyes? Can you see behind my shade?
Were you able to notice the small mess that I made?
Will you remain over there? Will you return every stare?
Will you hold me incarcerated with that only you can give glare?
Are those powers just for me? Are those hours just for me?
Was is always your plan to make those showers just for me?
Do you really realize just how far you have gotten?
Do you really believe that you could ever be forgotten?
Do you understand my thoughts? Do you understand that dream?
Do you know you caused that sweat? Do you understand that steam?
Although you are beyond belief, do you know you make every curve true?
Before drain myself further….

PLEASE!!!!!! Let Me Observe You!

Emmanuel Brown of SeeingGrowth

Emmanuel Brown of SeeingGrowth.net

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Building a Little Personal Rome!

How long did it really take to build Rome?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is what people say when it comes to waiting patiently for things.
You probably think you know what it means, but not only was Rome not built in a day; it was also at least 1000 year ahead of the rest of the world when it came to engineering.

“Rome was not built in a day” and have no idea how long it took to build Rome. But if it were like any other city, they are probably still working on it. Just like relationships, Cities and countries are always works in progress.

Why, the Romans aqueducts alone brought a constant flow of water from distant sources into cities and towns, supplying public baths, latrines, fountains and private households. Most Roman aqueducts proved reliable, and durable because of the careful, well studied, well planned and specific engineering skills they put into building one of the oldest cites in the world that sustain a population of over 1,000,000 people.

The same building power as the Romans can also holds true for couples. We are not built in a day or even a lifetime. As people, we are never finished until we die and even then we will not be finished, so what makes us THINK that healthy relationships can be built in a short time?

Rome's first aqueduct Put a wedge in it blogs
Side Note: Rome’s first aqueduct was built 312 BC and The aqueduct is a technology that has survived the test of time. Yes, aqueducts are history but they are also progress.


 Essential tools to build a health relationship…

  • Stop – Take a quick pause and pay attention to the current situation in your relationship.
  • Look – Assess the happiness level of your relationship. If there are areas that need looking into…do something!
  • Listen – Take time to listen to your lover…even the things they may not say.
  • Learn – Pay attention to his/her actions.
katrina gurl

If you need a coach……I am right here!!!

  • Grow – Growth comes by putting action towards everything you have evaluated.

LIVE and LEARN. If we truly learn more by living more then it will be an easy adjustment to work on building something strong in your relationship that will last. The real goal is not to finish, but to make progress in your relationships every day. When we work a little each day on something, we eventually create our own individual Rome.

Do you think your relationship can be as powerful and the history of Rome?
Have a happy Tuesday 🙂

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Stop, Look and Listen!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Stop, Look and ListenCouples come to me asking if I can help them stay married but, I almost always immediately ask them, “Do you think it’s too late to save the marriage?” And then I tell them to Stop, Look and Listen to one another closely!!!!

The one spouse who is talking separation or divorce wants out immediately, while the other has hope for a brighter day.

Unfortunately, by the time one spouse is asking for divorce, the relationship has usually been in a horrible state for a long time. A request for separation or divorce is usually the last event in a long line of occurrences that have been going on inside the mind of the person who wants to leave.

Stopping a divorce can be tricky, but it is worth the try if you BOTH are willing to come on common ground for a second…

The pure mayhem of divorce….

One spouse probably wants to keep the marriage together, and the other spouse may be itching for divorce and you won’t even know if it is too late or not unless your spouse strictly refuses to do anything to help the situation. This would be a great time to pick up a quick read relationship book like the Kit Kat’s Coaching Guide (Learning to Protect your Marriage)

  1. Ya gotta believe that you’ll be able to stop your divorce. The hard truth is that if you don’t really believe in your heart that you can put a stop to your divorce and save your marriage, then it will be next to impossible to do.
  1. Explain to your spouse that you are committed to your marriage and that divorce is not an option!Tell your spouse that not only do you want to stop your divorce and save your marriage, but that you want to build him (or her) up and be an encouragement in their life. Also, don’t be afraid to admit past mistakes to your spouse… doing so will show them that you are serious about stopping your divorce.
  1. Affirm and encourage your spouse in actions and words daily. This is the most powerful step in the whole process, and I can guarantee that if you are consistent in this daily affirmation then your spouse will have no choice other than to love you back.
  1. The fourth step may be the hardest and that is to WAIT! Wait on the trust and love to flourish in the relationship again. And, understand that there is no statute of limitations in the time it may take for a person to heal from past hurts in the relationship. If the marriage is worth saving…by God all mighty you wait and keep affirmations and encouragement coming for as long as you need to.  Rome was not built in a day and neither will a broken marriage!!!

#HUMPH!!! After 22 years of marriage and 26 years together…you can bet your bottom dollar
#iKnowAThingOr2 about the ups and downs of relationships! #KitKatCoaching 🙂

Have a happy Tuesday and always know that the coach is here for all your relationship needs!!!

The Coach is Here

The Coach is Here