Tuesday’s Love Jones – Along Comes Love!

Yesterday JaMarr “Stitch” Nance marked himself “In a Relationship” on facebook.

See Michelle Obama’s birthday tribute to her ‘favorite guy,’ husband Barack

See Michelle Obama's birthday tribute to her 'favorite guy,' husband Barack

Lola’s Cabin – Tagline Collections

By now, I'm sure EVERYONE has heard about Will and Jada's #ENTANGLEMENT, right?  We recently did a 3 part series sharing the do's and don'ts of being on a break while dating.  And, then we thought to ourselves; why not create a lasting trend to a world famous tagline by Jada Pinkett Smith and place … Continue reading Lola’s Cabin – Tagline Collections

Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Rhythm of Love!

The Rhythm of Love by Katrina Gurl We all know that sex can be a tricky subject and sometimes we are not really sure how to set the mood, but the one thing we can always count on in music.  Having a sexy playlist can downplay those initial awkward minutes, as well as serve as a … Continue reading Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Rhythm of Love!