Tuesday’s Love Jones – How Women Know You Are A Lying Wonder!

Seeing right through someones cheating ways these days are easy…mainly because we now have text message proof and online proof leaving electronic trals all over the place. We no longer have to go by the typical signs such as: weight loss, new wardrobe or sudden reasons why “working late” is happening.

How we KNOW you is LYING!

Talking Different: When they use expressions they have never used before is a sign of perhaps spending time a lot with someone else.

Proclaims Honesty Repeatedly: To sell us on the integrity of their answers, liars oftenbreak-up2 use phrases emphasizing the validity of their statements, like “to tell the truth” and “to be perfectly honest.” These verbal tip-offs frequently invoke religion. Think of expressions like “I swear on a stack of Bibles” and “as God is my witness.” Most truthful people don’t need to go that far.

So Defensiveness: If you habitually disbelieve someone, they may habitually feel defensive when you ask them about stuff. But if they seem overly reactive and you haven’t been aggressively interrogating them or obviously disbelieving, then that might indicate they are stressed because they are lying and may be using emotional distraction via a smokescreen to veer conversation away from the lying onto how awful you are.

Acting Like Non-Self: Experts believe changes in a person’s baseline personality can show something is off.  How a person generally conducts themselves are worthy of your attention. You should weigh rate of speech, tone of voice, posture, and hand gestures against what you know, along with the context of the situation.

RePostMonday - How Good is Your Liar Detection?In Closing: A woman’s intuition is clad steal, but the signs above will solidify our gut feelings. When patterns of our spouses change, so does the way we feel about them. NO ONE wants to be taken for a fool and NO ONE wants to be deliberately lied to in a relationship.

When lies creep into a relationship, the other person is not liberated to be who they really are. Instead, the other person become more like a local investigator, untrusting and this most likely will soon effect sex in the relationship.

If you are the liar in the relationship or the person with the gut feelings, I urge you both to evaluate what it is you want out of life…by this I mean “stop playing games” and move on to what it is you know you deserve in a relationship.