Tuesday’s Love Jones – A Piggyback Post!

The other day my fellow blogger (Xavier Young) posted an amazing topic that got my attention. The name of the post was “How do women liked to be SPOILED??” It’s a pretty simple question, but depending on the woman you ask, there can be a countless variations of responses. The women that did answer over on his post came up with so many views that helped me to realize the language of love means so many different things to each individual. Feel free to drop by his blog to see all the amazing responses at: LOVE IS CONFUSING!


RESPECT: Respect is the most important building block in a relationship. Respect is a pattern of behavior that is found in healthy relationships. You have to give respect in order to get it and each partner deserves it.

HONESTY: To deepen the bond with your partner and stay more connected to each other you need to be totally honest. The more committed you are, the more loving the relationship. For me, honesty is a turn on. When someone is comfortable enough with themselves to be honest, it makes to want to give more of myself to the person I’m with whether that be physically or emotionally.

TRANSPARENTCY: People think that transparency is the same as honesty and here’s how they differ: Transparency is a way of relating to your partner in which you reveal your inner self, your true experience. That means exposing your vulnerabilities and fears, as well as your desires and points of view about whatever issues you’re discussing. Honesty is an individual practice a person chooses to live by.

TRUST: It is trust that allows us to navigate the uncertain and complex world we live in today. With the rise of the internet, mobile phones, email, chat and social media, it is so much easier for people to connect or spend more time others without your partner even knowing. Trust to me is being able to set my watch to what I know my mate will do in certain situations. Without even having a second thought, I want…no I need to know that I can trust my man in my presence or out.

and LUST: In a prior PAWII post, we had come to realize that lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body also an uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite. READ POST HERE

Within the marriage, there isn’t a problem with lust toward our spouses, because we are supposed to feel a strong sexual desire towards them, right?  It’s perfectly normal to lust your spouse during sex, but it is also something that one should practice 24/7 and that’s just another way I need to be spoiled!!!

In closing, I have enjoyed answering the question of my fellow blogger’s amazing post and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


Repost Monday – Building vs. Breakdown!

Whether you’ve been together a year, a decade or starting over, there comes a time when you can just run out of things to say to one another.  Allow today’s repost to encourage you to build good things in your relationship.Monday's Repost - Build vs. Breakingdown

Why is it, that we can be married  or in a relationship for years and still find that there is so much to know about each other?  Remember what your relationship was like in the beginning, when you could talk hours upon hours? It’s funny how time would just fly by and you would never run out of things to say! ….READ MORE

This week’s Tuesday’s Love Jones youtube snippet:

The Benefit of Relationship Coaching!

black_couple1What is coaching?

In “Learning to Protect Your Marriage” coaching is said to help look forward so couples can expand their options and take action. It isn’t about “fixing” a problem, but rather helping an individual or a couple get out of their comfort zone and get more out of their life, today!

Author Katrina Gurl says, that coaching is a process whereby the client iswpid-screenshot_2014-03-15-15-57-07-1.png consciously choosing a preferred future and at the same time living life fully, purposefully and balanced. It clarifies what the client wants to improve upon; through their relationships, career, health, physical wellness, or even spirituality.

When applied to your relationships, with the right tools and support that coaching provides, you can learn to set strong boundaries and release unrealistic expectations. Often times, simply gaining a new perspective on your behavior can open the door to healthier and more satisfying relationships.

Top 5 Reasons Relationship Coaching is Beneficial:

  1. Changes the views of the relationship
  2. Modifies dysfunctional behavior
  3. Decreases emotional avoidance
  4. Improves communication
  5. Promotes strengths

Couples Coaching:

You realize things are going sour in your relationship and you know something needs to change. You think about getting support, but you are reluctant because you worry you’ll invest time, money, and energy without achieving ideal results. You know the problem between you and your partner is complicated, and needs more than simple solutions, but you also don’t want to be in endless therapy either.

Coaching offers short-term, results-focused, and high impact, practical, professional help for individuals or couples. We address a full range of issues and design interventions that match your customized needs.

Conflict Coaching:

Learn how to end repetitive communication patterns that erode your relationship.

Recovery from Infidelity:

Rebuild trust, improve communication of needs, and process emotions in order to move forward.

Take Your Next Big Step…

This session will help you get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back, and your next move should be.


Erotic Anthology PART II – Are You In???

Steamy Trails Publishing wants you in our upcoming Erotic Anthology PART II of Erotic Tranquilities 
Submission deadline date will be MAY 16, 2014.  
Agreements must be read, signed, dated and returned before you send in your submission…
also must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the MAY 16, 2014 story submission deadline.
Steamy Trails Publishing is looking for “Erotic” short story writers and poets for part II of Erotic Tranquilities.

We want it even hotter that the first one!!!
Who’s in???
Writers will receive 1 free copy once the book is published and unlimited rights to sell copies at wholesale price.
All we need is…
* Edited work
* Minimum of 750 words each if you submit more than 1 short story
* If you submit just one story it must be a minimum of 1500
words but no more than 5000 words
* There is no minimum word count for erotic poetry submissions
* Permission to use your submission
(Giving us publishing rights/w the understanding that you will not be paid, but will be given acknowledgement and exposure for submitting your work. An agreement form will be sent when we receive your interest in submitting.)
*Comment here if you are interested or have questions
*Send your request to be included to steamytrailspublishing@ymail.com
*Submission deadline MAY 16, 2014
That’s it!
Thank You!
Download the CONTRACT HERE
Download Steamy Tails Publishing’s Words to Sexify your Erotic Short Story list