Loverly Quotes by PawiiBlogs (aSmile)

A Smile can predict fulfillment in one marriage. In a study cited by Gutman, the Smile author, the smiles of students were measured, and these ultimately predicted how long-lasting and satisfying the person’s marriage would be. Each time you smile at your lover, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin start flowing in. And, those endorphins serve as natural pain relievers and act as the … Continue reading Loverly Quotes by PawiiBlogs (aSmile)

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Fighting with Respect!

Tuesday's Love Jones - Fighting with Respect!

TLj – Rapturous Bonds!

By now I'm sure that most of of us KNOW that there are no such things as perfect relationships, but however, there are perfect things we can do to make them feel that way.

The Art of Talking to Your Spouse – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

The art of conversation, like any art, is a skill of elegance, intention and creative execution. And, we seem to have that skill all together right when we are truly interested in the newness of getting to know someone. But, fast-forward years ahead, after marriage…the skill to really talk to our partner or even want … Continue reading The Art of Talking to Your Spouse – Tuesday’s Love Jones!