Tuesday’s Love Jones – Be a Cheap Date For Your Husband!

When you think of “dating,” you usually think of fun filled long talks, throbbing hearts, and bouquets of flowers. But who says all that has to stop after engagement—or after marriage, for that matter? 

The media paints life after marriage as boring, but we married people know better. That spark absolutely does not have to go out once you say “I Do!” 

Want to keep your romance fiery and fresh after the wedding cake has been eaten and the thank-you notes delivered? Here are some great ways to date your spouse!

1. Make Time… No Matter What 

The first step to dating your spouse is commitment. After all, commitment is what marriage is about! So commit to do something fun with each other regularly. 

2. Have Good Talks 

Communication, along with sex and money, is one of the top three reasons that marriages go south. Creating space for communication is important! 

Dates are the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to connect. Spend time talking so you can keep acquainted and stay in touch with each other’s lives!

3. Make Errands into Dates 

Doing errands isn’t ideal for regular date nights, but it is great for days when you don’t have time to just relax together, and it’s also cheap.

4. Be OK with Cheap 

A common misconception is that quality romance has to be expensive. Let’s throw out that idea right now. Sure, you may not be able to afford bouquets of roses and diamond jewelry, but handmade notes and picnic dinners can be just as sweet! 

If you’re OK with dating cheap and don’t judge the quality of the experience by the cost, you can have a ton of fun doing things like going to the bookstore or exploring a public park.

5. Be Sexy 

You don’t want to be tempting before you get married and then let the flame go out once the wedding license is singed. This is the time to ramp it up and make your dates sizzle! 

Husband and I went to go see Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie. Great movie, but after the flick…we passed by this cut little setting area that seemed perfect for taking photos.

We had such a fun little 30 minutes taking these pics! We laughed, talked and just acted like goofy kids.

6. Do Overnight Dates 

Book a cute little house a few hours away and spend a couple days away from the stresses of life!

There are so many great ways to do overnight dates. If you want to rekindle the romance of your early married days, why not go on a second honeymoon?

Dating your spouse is one of the best ways to keep your marriage strong and healthy! Maintain communication, spend time together, and keep your romance alive. There are few things in life that are more important than your relationship with your spouse, so take the time to let him or her know just how much you care. 

TLj – Act Like You Like Yourself!

Late last week, I came across a post on facebook about a girl/fan that got several imagessurgeries to look like Angelina Jolie.  This post saddened my heart, because this girl’s lack of self-esteem has to be on the highest low to even attempt to do this.

This made me come up with a few ways people can try to feel a little more confident and true to thyself. Confidence is one of those things that some people are born with, and some people aren’t. A lot of us find ourselves struggling to feel confident on a daily basis, and it’s a really tough battle to fight, so how can you feel good about yourself when there are certain things you just don’t like about yourself?


Analyze Your Media Inspiration: First step to help personal confidence is to stop looking at the women on the TV shows/video games/magazines/films you enjoy as inspiration. More than not, media folks have all had work done and or have airbrushed everything they have posted.  We cannot take pics from celebs seriously. Instead, find fashion bloggers or models who have similar physical traits to you.

A person in whom is conscious about amplifying their great attributes. Find someone who you can look at and say ‘they are attractive’ despite them being fat or having bad skin or bad teeth or whatever. And try to look at someone like that every day. Heck, you can use me for inspiration if ya like.  I have been blogging for years, have gone up and down in my weight and more UP than not. However, I know that my confidence in myself is strong and is not based on my size or how big I think my nose is!!!

Check me out on The Confidence Bargain of the Week.

confidencebargainofthe week

Get Real: Confidence shouldn’t be based solely upon your looks. It is important that you try to focus on your other good qualities to build up confidence. I’m sure you have many. Just like attractiveness shouldn’t be the main source of your confidence. You need to like yourself if you want others to like you as well. If losing weight will do that for you then maybe that is where you should start, but liking yourself whether big or small would be an even healthier place to get to.

Act Like You Like Yourself: A lot of people who believe they are unattractive stop putting any effort at all into how they look. For example, many women will never do their hair, makeup, nails, etc. Or they’ll stay in sweatpants or baggy gym shorts all the time instead of trying to wear something that is cute and flattering. Just because you’re insert perceived problem here doesn’t mean you can’t dress up or treat yourself to nice things.

In Closing….

IMG_4854Kat’s Call:  You have to find things that make YOU feel good. It doesn’t matter what it is, just know that you are perfect just the way you are and no one else has to think that but you! The opinion that you have of yourself is the only one that matters, So, dress well, groom yourself and look in the mirror and KNOW that you are just a awesome and beautiful as you wanna be!!!

Real Crush #4 Denver!

Standing in a Target line back in 1997, I was offered a free cd that was labeled AOL.  The packaging was simple, just a disc on a cardboard wrapped in cellophane.   I couldn’t have received such a disc at a more perfect time, because I had just bought my first   Compaq Computer.  Soon as I got home and emptied my bags and immediately went to try the disc to see what this AOL stuff was all about.

The registration took a while for me, because, not only new to having a home computer, I was also new to the whole internet thing.  It took me a while to create a catchy profile name and even longer to come up with a password that I’d actually remember.  Long story short, I went with “Denver” for the password.  Till this day, I really don’t know why I picked Denver, but it was only 6 letters to remember and plus it was a place I have always wanted to visit.

Fast forward 14 years and the internet has warped into a main source of networking.  Now, not only do I depend on the internet, but it is also my main source doing business.   AOL is no longer the in-thing, but this place called Facebook is.

My Facebook account has been up and running for about a year now and when I first opened an account, I began adding random people that matched my business criteria and of course if you are a Facebook user; I’m sure you know that that can go astray real fast.

I came across this guy’s page that had nothing to do with my type of business agenda, but his profile picture caught my attention.  The guy had this smile that almost took my breath away.  His page was private, so if I wanted to understand why he caught my attention…I was surely gonna have to request his friendship, so I did.

The next day he added me.  I looked on his page and he had scriptures all up and down his wall with pictures of his children just like a proud father.  From his wall alone, I noticed that he was a genuine person that lived his life honestly, so I in-boxed him to tell him thanks for the friend add.

From that point on, conversation was very consistent.   We began talking as if we’d known one another for ever.  He was easy on the eyes so, I really didn’t mind responding to him.  Our conversations turned serious real fast as the weeks went by and the things he shared with me made me feel very close to him.  The man told me things about himself that no one should speak of; things that he’d been holding in for years.  It was like it was fate that brought us together for more than the reasons we believed.  I’d only made that account to network and do business.

Crush, love, like, fate or whatever we must call it; all I know is that it is real.  I can deny it, step beside it and even out right try to ignore it, but it isn’t going anywhere…just like the City of Denver is here to stay, so is what we have.

The strangest thing about the whole ordeal is that he lives in Denver.

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