Tuesday’s Love Jones – Sexy Story Time!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Folks!Today we are doing things a little different. We are encouraging couples to dig in, use there imaginations and read a sexy story. Unlike porn, it enhance and stimulates the mind in a positive healthy way and ushers a couple into using their sexual imagination to the fullest benefit in the … Continue reading Tuesday’s Love Jones – Sexy Story Time!

Corporal Punishment by Mutuo Consensu!

In response to Mesmerized by Katrina Gurl Corporal Punishment… (???), you know I love you… after all we’ve been through together… but it’s NOT my job to fix you!… nor do i THINK that it’s my job to do so. Likewise, it’s not your job to FIX me, as if that were possible! Yet your actions after … Continue reading Corporal Punishment by Mutuo Consensu!