Tuesday’s Love Jones – Love @ the Wheel!

Love is @ the Wheel if he is doing these things

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Can You Be Trusted?

The definition of trust, first of all is a verb, so you must be actively doing it, perfecting it and living it.

See Michelle Obama’s birthday tribute to her ‘favorite guy,’ husband Barack

See Michelle Obama's birthday tribute to her 'favorite guy,' husband Barack

Lola’s Cabin – Tagline Collections

By now, I'm sure EVERYONE has heard about Will and Jada's #ENTANGLEMENT, right?  We recently did a 3 part series sharing the do's and don'ts of being on a break while dating.  And, then we thought to ourselves; why not create a lasting trend to a world famous tagline by Jada Pinkett Smith and place … Continue reading Lola’s Cabin – Tagline Collections