TLj – True Happiness!

Most people think that being truly happy has something to do with their bank account, their health, their marriage, their job, or just having the right outlook on life.

In my own quest for happiness….for the kind of life that produces real joy, peace, contentment, and happiness…I didn’t find it until I relinquished all control in my own ability to create a perfect life without allowing God to be in control. At best, I created a happy LOOKING LIFE that was very empty. However, the moment I allowed the creator to take lead is when everything changed!

Our creator wants us to be happy as a rule. The Bible is says…

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John14:27

Since we have already been given by grace the peace of God, all we really need to do is relax in the perfect plan He has for our lives by cultivating our own happiness.

Cultivating our happiness is done by having faith and knowing His perfect plan is not in our control, but a gift instead.

Happiness is ours already! Happiness waits in the wings for us to just simply accept and cultivate it.  Will you decide to intentionally be happy starting NOW? Knowing what I know now…I sure wish I’d done it long ago.

Happiness is so liberating!!!

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Today by Beah Richards!

Today is ours
Let’s live it

Love is strong
Let’s give it

A song can help
Let’s sing it

Peace is dear
Let’s bring it

The past is gone
Don’t rue it

Our work is here
Lets do it

Our world is wrong
Let’s right it

The battle hard
Let’s fight it

The road is rough
Let’s clear it

The future vast
Don’t fear it

Is faith asleep?
Let’s wake it

Today is ours
Let’s take it!

Written by legendary Beah Richards

Once recited by Ruby Dee at the Inspiration Event at Radio City Music Hall during the National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

And, now recited by Lynn Whitfield | Oprah’s Master Class

TLj – Forgiveness Does Not Equal Trust!

HUSBAND:  “Babe, I know I lied and betrayed you a few times. And, I’m sorry. But I’ve 23bde76426b7f6a6bd0fb947b776d00achanged and didn’t you say you forgave me?”

WIFE: “Why, sure I forgive you! Forgiving you was for my sanity and peace, but just because I have made a choice to forgive DOES NOT MEAN I TRUST YOU!!!”

QUOTE: Any fool knows men and women think differently at times, but the biggest difference is this. Men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget.
~ Robert Jordan


cropped-cropped-20160629_222100.pngMarriage Counselor: “Let me explain the differnce of forgiveness verses trust in this week’s post! Clear your personal thoughts on what you see to be true and learn a new outlook.  Forgiveness is letting go of the past and trust is deciding a course for the future. Forgiveness is for your benefit. It releases you, but trust benefits the other person.”


The person who hurt you can try to do all kinds of things to compensate their wrong doings, but they can’t retract acts of betrayal no more than a time travel machine can cause us to unmake mistakes. The person my try to heal the damage, but after the4f35342805dfcf50ad39be39f55b955d damage is done, your personal choice to forgive is a free gift of grace that you choose to extend.  Forgiveness can never be earned…it has to be given.

Trust, on the other hand is always earned. If you don’t make someone earn your trust after they have been forgiven…you may find yourself being treated like a doormat to say the least. Earning trust after a betrayal is necessary. Ya see, you can go back and forth, arguing about the betrayal, but until trust is earned that’s all that will happen….tit for tats and no growing in the relationship.

When you forgive someone, you can either start to love them again or you can forgive and let them go. It’s one or the other, but never both. Always remember that forgiveness is not excusing or condoning their actions. Forgiveness is personal closure.

In closing, never sell your peace of mind by not forgiving people, but never sell yourself short by forgiving people without consequence. When choosing to forgive, put yourself and mental health before anything else. You deserve the best for you…life is too short to not put yourself first!!!

Have an amazing Tuesday!




Poetry Time – Guest Writer’s Edition!


I miss your embrace…
Your eyes – your thighs…
Your silent sighs…
You ebb – flow…
Your taste-

I search for you…
Within the innocence of a lovers blush-
A measured smile-
An unexpected touch-

Missing the rush of too much to not enough…
Craving your passion- Your unrestrained lust…

Conversations forming our private constellations…
An ethereal escapade –a serenade of celebration…

Expectations of coalesced nights and inseparable days…
Fantasies conveyed beyond the public gaze…

Stolen yesterdays – stowed away – I hope and pray…
That my heaven is not forsaken – my pleasure not delayed…

Any longer-

Forever is every moment absent your divinity-
I miss your bliss –
Your liquid kiss –
Our perfect, purposed, synergy_

Written by Author Robert D. Gordon

A special thanks for this amazing peice! Everytime Robert allows us to post his writtings we are more in awe. Robert is 5 start author of “The Routine” and has much in the works for volume II. To find out more about Robert or yo purchase his books – Visit his page on Amazon!