A Letter to Your Lover by Katrina Gurl

Sometimes you need an umph to guide yourself into sexual confidence. One way to do that is to write a sexy letter to your lover.  Your lover is one of the few people that you can totally be yourself, unedited, true, real and completely comfortable, so why not share unadulterated words of passion with them.  This will not only give you a boost of self-confidence, but it will also be very pleasing to the man in your life.  This will make his imagination run wild in anticipation of his next sexual encounter with you.  Try it, I dare you!

Dear…well you know who you are,
Photobucket Beads of sweat race from my skin when I think of how you touch me. Electricity runs through my soul as I ponder your embrace. I almost can’t wait to see you, but please forgive me if I cannot wait much longer though. Just thinking of how your hands touch me makes me want to do the same as you. I am mesmerized at the thought of becoming you for a moment.
As I slowly lick my finger in an attempt to put out this fire within me, I find it pleasing to touch myself.

Hot rivers flows with anticipation letting me know that not all wetness pertains to water. My finger imitate your kisses as I gently squeeze my nipple, my hands dance along my hips just as you do, my middle finger can circle around my clit almost the same as your tongue and I can moan as my head tilts back as I think of you.

I keep thinking of you and thinking of you as my legs begin to quivering. I imaging your breath of passion brushing across my face, and I am captivated by how well I work with my hands. You always long to taste me, so I’ll imitate that too. Mmmmm, so this must be the reason why you taste me sometimes for so long, this waterfall flows easy and sweet. The more I imitate you, the more pleasure I feel, the more breathy I become and the more satisfied I am.

There is nothing that can truly take the place of you, even if I give myself a hand. As I wait for your arrival, please promise me this: Promise that pleasure will overflow my body when you do what you did to me last time.

Yours truly,
Yearning Anticipation

By Katrina Gurl

Breakfast in Bed written by Hope Leslie Crushin

Breakfast in Bed

Your scent wakes me up in the morning
Strong and alluring
Whispering my name

You lay before me hot, steaming and inviting
My eyes widen as I see the meal that is set before me
I thank God for the abundant portions
The thought of tasting you makes my mouth water
What should I try first
Such decadent sweet delights
I just dive in


I taste you on my lips and feel you move through out my body
From my throat to my stomach to that place of sweet release below
I can feel every inch of you


You fill me up as you enter
My every craving you satisfy
The extra weight you put on my body is welcomed
Caressing my every curve


Sweet mountainous sticky buns, erupting with a sweet tangy syrup
Bursting through my lips , dripping down onto my sheets
I am full and completely satisfied


You are a delicious and worthwhile treat
I lick my lips and anticipate lunch

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Hope Leslie Crushin

The Power of Touch…


Touching and being touched is a necessity for humans, some say it’s as imperative as food and shelter. Studies show that babies who are deprived of touch often do not survive, and those elderly adults who are deprived of touch often wither. We also know that there are specific life-giving hormones and chemicals created in our bodies as a response to being touched.

People who are compassionately touched often feel happier, more energetic, more secure, more confident, and more comfortable in public surroundings.

Understanding how truly essential touch is, perhaps we’d also understand the beneficial positive changes that touch may change our intimate relationships.

We take for granted how a gentle touch, a hug, or a soft kiss impacts our physiology, but we are certain that it does.

Appropriate touch is a powerful and tender way to easily and simply bring feelings of love into a relationship. Touch is a way to share or express feelings that may be more powerful than the spoken word or gift giving.

Touch is one of the most powerful and sensitive of all senses. Kind and appropriate touching sends a message to our very spirit and heart that we are valued, that we are safe, that we matter…

I truly believe that the more we feel loved, appreciated, cherished, and valued; the healthier, happier, and more fulfilling our relationships will be.

Remember, the art of touch is just as powerful as our need for food.