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A Puzzlement, Indeed by Mutuo Consensu

Looks like our Featured Spin-Off Blogger, Mutuo Consensu has done it AGAIN, but “IT” amazes us anew every time a post is responded to!  This time its a poem written by Katrina Gurl, entitled “You Perfectly Puzzle Me” ENJOY!

a puzzlement, indeed…

your private thoughts are about me
so why should I not tend your garden…
mental fingers buried up to my palms,
married to your fertile soil?

i hear you thoughts
whispering my name…
moistening your mind…
i see it in the sway of your hips
as I watch from behind.

what offense have my ears sought to commit
that you might never allow your lips to admit…
like it?…
you do!

you scream it with your eyes
your actions exclaim what your lips deny.
my belief in you springs deeply
from bottomless pools
of observing that you equal
the height and breadth and depth
of that space i carved out of myself
with a serving spoon
that “you shaped hole”
now lives within me,
and encompasses who you are.

an urgency for knowledge of you lives within me
it wrenches my eyes open
when my body would sleep
plays hide and seek in the folds of my mind
when exhaustion fails in its attempts
to sweep me away

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Certain Thirst 2 – Tuesday’s Love Jones


Last week, Certain Thirst Part One, written by Author Katrina Gurl, was posted as a tool, a clever way for women to use the sensual sides of their imaginations to show their man JUST what they wanted in bed WITHOUT discouraging OR bruising their egos. Throughout the week (to our surprise) it had a huge response. Of course, we then took that opportunity to ask our incomparable “spin-off blogger” to help us with a response. Mutuo Consensu did just that and we are happy to share it with you. Please enjoy part 2 of “Certain Thirst” for this Tuesday’s Love Jones! Be sure to read part one…this will become a great saga to love 🙂

Ian in the shower…

“Wow, I have to admit to myself as I reluctantly pushed gently away from Jessica, that what she had just told me was a bit surprising. I’ve dated other women that were much less reserved and didn’t hide that freaky side of their nature as well as Jessica did. Jessica is all woman, and at the same time the consummate professional in the light of day… conservative attire and all about handling her business…”

I start slowly undressing and thinking to myself as I turn on the hot water in the shower… … just thinking…

“Hell yeah, I’m gonna need this room full of steam!”
“Why was she slinging all the restraint up to now?”
“and why did the floodgates pop open today?”

Stepping into shower, the steaming needles of water distract my mind for only a moment, but even that moment wasn’t enough to calm down the raging hard-on that Jessica’s fantasy had given me. In fact the burning spray from the shower head only seemed to give my shit an even bigger attitude as it pulsed in the spray and steam.

“Cool ya jets Bra’… cool ya jets!” I thought to myself as I gazed thoughtfully down at the hot water running down my chest and through the toned ripples of my abs.
Leaning my head forward under the shower spray, the hot water seemed to cool down the erotic thoughts Jessica had placed there so I could think once more…

“She told you this shit for a reason, and you can either waste this opportunity and just go have some incredible sex NOW…
Or… … you can figure out why the gears are turning in her head and the TWO OF YOU can have some mind-blowin’ lovin’ for as long as you’re together!

Talking out loud to myself as if I need someone to hear me say it…

“Yeah, That ain’t a hard choice to make!”
“15 minuets… 15 minuets… That’s all the time I’ve got, to figure this shit out…”

As my thoughts drift in the steam and water…
feeling the scratch of the soapy loofah against my skin…
thoughts of Jessica in the shower with me, replaced all thoughts about the “why”
she decided to tell me her fantasy.

Soap on a Rope… Nope!

Standing under the shower and feeling my caramel skin coming alive from the shower, I can’t help but imagine Jessica standing behind me scrubbing my back with the coarse sponge. You’re a wonderful and attentive woman, I think to myself, and I know I’m proud to have you in my life, and at this minuet scrubbing the tension of my day away…
out of my shoulders…
and down my spine…

…sliping a soap covered hand around my waist…

wrapping only your index finger and thumb around the base of my shaft,
slowly sliding them up til they catch at the rim below the head as a groan escapes my throat.
You love the power you think have over me as you slide them back down and repeat that slow, slick, soap covered motion.

“SHIT, This is my turn to do the tease girl!”

As I grab your hand and with a sly and knowing smile on my face, tell you…

“Stop, baby. I want you to finish bathing me first, ‘cause it’s gonna be my turn to bathe you after you finish!”

The shocked look on your face was priceless as you smiled. The obvious look on your face of being caught off guard was quickly replaced a heated look of interest.

You bathe me slowly, scrubbing my muscles with the loofah with a thoughtful look on your face about the things to come.

Daring Young Woman On The Flying Trapeze

Taking the soapy loofah from your hands I told you to turn towards the front of the shower.
As you willingly lean your face forwards into the spray of the shower, I KNOW you feel my eyes caressing your waist…
…feel my eyes grabbing you hard by the hips. You give me a little playful hip wiggle as you wipe the water from your face and look over your shoulder to make sure I’m looking.

“Turn around again, Jessica, and look on the wall in front of you”

As you turn again towards the front of the shower, looking and feeling with your hands, you find the surprise I had installed. Two thick grab bars mounted to the wall beneath the shower head that weren’t there on your last visit.

“Yeah, love, those are for you.”

I whisper behind your ear as I lean into the hot water cascading over your shoulder and press the soap covered length of me, sliding against your ass.
As I turn you around to face me, I see you’re smiling with a strange question in your eyes.

Now it’s MY turn to take your mind by the hand and take it on a journey with me.

Leaning in to kiss the question away from your face, then meeting your lips softly with mine, I have to ask you…

“Do you know how good you look standing there, warm honey dipped skin covered in drops of water from head to toe?”

Not waiting for your answer, I reach down for your hands and raise them up to the tops to the grab bars and tell you to hold on.
Finding your waist with my hands, my lips find yours again and pull your lower lip softly into my mouth and nibble once before I release it and lift you from your feet.
Your eyes open wider as you understand where this is going and your knees raise first one and then the other to wrap yourself around me.

While holding on to the bars you think you have all of the control to roll your hips and find the top of your target and slide down around me…

…but that’s not entirely true, and I see the look in your eyes as you realize that I’m still holding your hips and only giving you the first inch…
…teasing you in and out then dropping you slowly down to take more, then taking it back from between your lips as you roll your hips reaching for more. Those telltale sucking sounds when the muscles in your pussy contract and expand as you try to draw me deeper inside.

Looking into your eyes, I see the passion building in you…
your lips part slightly as your breathing finds synchronization with the rolling of your hips and then the explosion in your eyes as I push you fully down and around me and press my body to yours and your back against the warm wet tile.

A sharp moan escapes your lungs as I drive into you and hold you there as you grind against me. I lean back to look at you with your eyebrows raised, a pleading look in your eyes as your breathing stops and your hips buck against me as you cum…

for the first time.

Drying Off Just To Get Wet Again

As I turn off the water, step from the shower and begin toweling myself dry, I’m all ready thinking about where we’ll go tonight and what Jessica and I will have for dinner.

My appetizer conversation all ready WELL thought out… to share,
and to be a better listener!

To be continued!

Written by Mutuo Consensu of
Mutuo Consensu Blogs – We thank you dearly
for allowing us to showcase your talent this way.
You are our MOST FAVORITE to write with…we are honored every time 🙂

Spin Off Blogging with Mutuo!

Recently, our favorite spin-off blogger “Mutuo” was rather taken with our topic “WHY MEN LIKE TO SPANK” and decided to make an amenable effort to put an historic twist on things! We just so happened to love it! Take a look at some astonishing facts the Mutuo has shared with us…


by Mutuo of Mutuo Consensu blogs

Tomba della Fustigazione – approx 600 B.C.

Whomever it was that said that “there’s nothing new in the world”, as far as spanking goes, was correct! Folk have been getting their “kink” on since at least 600 years Before Christ!

Since I don’t think there’s anyone alive to tell the story about the woman between those two guys in the painting, it’s also unknown if she achieved salvation from  “Oh God” in the process.

While I know some “ladies” personally that are happy that The Lord died for their sins, they are quick to point out that there are a few “offenses” that they “have yet to commit” that will require a “laying on of hands” before their bodies and spirits feel whole again!

I’ve taken the task of doing a bit of in depth research into the backside of female flagellation, it’s history and pondering her-story.

The Hands On Approach

Spanking And Fertility

From its earliest “recorded practice”, in Ancient Greece, spankings were administered to adults. It was a pagan practice for increasing fertility in barren women who were spanked by the pagan priests and later was introduced into the Catholic Church as a means of adult women having their sins removed through the spankings of the priest after confession.

Venus of Willendorf – c. 24,000-22,000BCE As you can see, Baby had back long brfore Christ!

Venus of Dolni Vestonice

(from “The majority of the Venus figurines appear to be depictions of females that follow certain artistic conventions, on the lines of schematisation and stylisation. Most of them are roughly lozenge-shaped, with two tapering terminals at top (head) and bottom (legs) and the widest point in the middle (hips/belly).”

(from –

Venus of Lespugue the only thing to be said is “just damn”!

In Britain during pre-WW2 times it was expanded to wayward teenage girls in the tradition of the removal of sins. The first time the idea was put forth that spankings are never to be given in anger, but rather in love, it was as the advertising pitch for the book “Spencer Spanking Plan”. That book put forth the instructions for spankings of husbands and wives within marriage for the increasing of marital harmony. The key here, whether the spanking was administered for fertility, punishment, or fun, is that the person being spanked was willing.

Jomon Venus – Venus of Neuchâtel – Venus of Hradok

What’s most interesting to me (other than the spanking itself) is its evolution…   From a fertility practice to a religious form of penance to punishment, all occurring throughout history with the erotic undertones of pleasure either suppressed or looked at by the majority as being taboo until modern days.

It’s not clear if the “Venus” figures in these pictures were representations of fertility. What is indisputable is the depiction of their sexuality. In some examples, certain parts of the human anatomy are exaggerated…    abdomen, breasts, genitals, hips, thighs AND BEHINDS.

Why do YOU suppose that the early artisans “maximized” the “gluteous” in these pre plastic Barbie, pre-silicone carvings?

Next post topic – The Physiological (and mental) Female Response to Spanking
(AKA Who’s Ya Daddy Syndrome)

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