Music: The Strongest Form of Magic!

"Music is the strongest form of magic." Marilyn Manson Music is a universal language and has a variety of effects on a person. Music with a slow tempo may be streamed while studying or relaxing, meanwhile tracks with an upbeat tempo will be popular at a club. No matter the genre, tempo, or lyric, it … Continue reading Music: The Strongest Form of Magic!

Top 9 Reasons to Follow this Blog!

Hi Friends, Family and Readers! Let’s support bloggers by following one another! Top 9  reasons why Put A Wedge In It Blogs is a great one to follow: ❤ Awesome Blog Tours       Our blog tours are fun and help to promote our blog topics or books without traveling. A blog tour can … Continue reading Top 9 Reasons to Follow this Blog!

Good Morning Handsome!

Did you know that the way you are greeted in the morning sets the tone for your day? And, did you know that simply saying "Good Morning" to your lover may be the sexiest thing you say to him or her all day? The is nothing worse than waking up full aware that last night's … Continue reading Good Morning Handsome!

Tuesday Night Special – DIRTY LAUNDRY!

DIRTY LAUNDRY by Carlton J Everybody plays the fool sometimes, it’s just that as you get older you’re expected to be wiser and of course…make better decisions. I was at a point in my life where I realized my youth was gone and would never come back, my job was at it’s worth, and my … Continue reading Tuesday Night Special – DIRTY LAUNDRY!