A Fun “Tuesday’s Love Jones” – When Men KNOW they ARE that GOOD!

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4e6659eced36c644dddbe52d4fa751ceTuesday’s Love Jones – 4 Odd Things that Let’s You Know He is Good in Bed by Katrina Gurl

He is a good listener:
When you talk to him, he leans in to give you his undivided attention. He takes in everything you have to say earnestly. This shows that he is giving lover and he will most definitely take the time to make sure you are pleased.

He’s Not a Bragger:
Real, confident men don’t brag about his past sexcapades. However, men that do (brag), have a tendency to be the main ones that are horrible at sexually pleasing a woman. So. look out for those braggers.

Does/What he Reads:
Does he have a good amount of fiction? Non-fiction, though! If he has books like “How to Get Laid Today” he may not be good in bed. Just saying! For a strange reason, bookworms do seem better in bed. So, look at his reading section 🙂

His Kiss…duh!
You can tell a whole lot about him by the way he kisses. Does he take his time? Is he messy? Does he make sure your comfortable with every move he makes? Pay attention to these things the next #time you lock lips.