Every Damn Day – Just Do It!

"I am becoming me, as painful as that is sometimes, as wonderful as it is sometimes." ~ @MzScarletSyn This is a quote I came across by learning I had a cool new follower on Put A Wedge In It Blogs and it immediately spoke to me.  Do we not all want to become better, no matter … Continue reading Every Damn Day – Just Do It!

Lust Among Spouses – Sinful or Not?

Will you complete this post??? Why is lust a sin and is it still a sin if you are lusting after your own husband or wife? Psychology teaches us that lust is a disordered desire for sexual pleasure. Desiring sexual pleasure is not a sin – we were all created as souls that live within … Continue reading Lust Among Spouses – Sinful or Not?


#SoCheckIt Man writes in: Hi Kat, I've been married to my wife for 6 years. This is my first marriage,  but her second. She shares the same birthday with her ex and they have always celebrated this time together. Even though they divorced, they are like bff's...what is the best way to tell them that … Continue reading PAWII CONFLICT – Her Ex is the BFF!

Syria Destroys Local Marriage!

Syria Destroys Local Marriage Views Obama will address the Nation about Syria on Tuesday September 10th 2013. Obama is taking his case straight to those constituents. This past Friday, he spoke to reporters hinting at the arguments he will make in his address from the White House. Saying he will continue to "make the best … Continue reading Syria Destroys Local Marriage!