Every Damn Day – Just Do It!

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“I am becoming me, as painful as that is sometimes, as wonderful as it is sometimes.”@MzScarletSyn

This is a quote I came across by learning I had a cool new follower on Put A Wedge In It Blogs and it immediately spoke to me.  Do we not all want to become better, no matter how painful the shift may be?  Do we not all want to be the difference in the world, life and even in our relationships that we want to see? And, as uncomfortable and disruptive that change may be, are we not still willing to do what it takes to become better?

Every Damn Day - Just Do It!

People often ask me, “how have you stayed married so freakin long and what’s your secret?”  I simply answer them by saying, “There are no secrets, just variables.”  First of all, I am not one of those relationship coaches that act like my own marriage is perfect.

There is no real  reason to sit up here and create fairy-tale-like happy endings, nor will present myself as a dream weaver. Professionally speaking: MARRIAGE IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK!  You’ll see, in my first relationship book, how I basically did a tell all into my life with tips on how NOT to make me and my hubs same mistakes.

Mz. Scarlet

Mz. Scarlet

Anyway, relationships are not always easy, but if love is in the mix then possible  begins making everything better. And, I am looking forward to gaining even more knowledge from my readers…a special thanks to Mz. Scarlet for not only becoming a reader here, but also a force of enlightenment!!!

~ Kat 🙂