Every Damn Day – Just Do It!

“I am becoming me, as painful as that is sometimes, as wonderful as it is sometimes.”@MzScarletSyn

This is a quote I came across by learning I had a cool new follower on Put A Wedge In It Blogs and it immediately spoke to me.  Do we not all want to become better, no matter how painful the shift may be?  Do we not all want to be the difference in the world, life and even in our relationships that we want to see? And, as uncomfortable and disruptive that change may be, are we not still willing to do what it takes to become better?

Every Damn Day - Just Do It!

People often ask me, “how have you stayed married so freakin long and what’s your secret?”  I simply answer them by saying, “There are no secrets, just variables.”  First of all, I am not one of those relationship coaches that act like my own marriage is perfect.

There is no real  reason to sit up here and create fairy-tale-like happy endings, nor will present myself as a dream weaver. Professionally speaking: MARRIAGE IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK!  You’ll see, in my first relationship book, how I basically did a tell all into my life with tips on how NOT to make me and my hubs same mistakes.

Mz. Scarlet

Mz. Scarlet

Anyway, relationships are not always easy, but if love is in the mix then possible  begins making everything better. And, I am looking forward to gaining even more knowledge from my readers…a special thanks to Mz. Scarlet for not only becoming a reader here, but also a force of enlightenment!!!

~ Kat 🙂

Lust Among Spouses – Sinful or Not?

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Why is lust a sin and is it still a sin if you are lusting after your own husband or wife?

Psychology teaches us that lust is a disordered desire for sexual pleasure. Desiring sexual pleasure is not a sin – we were all created as souls that live within bodies, and our bodies naturally desire sexual union because we were created to keep the human race going. We all have these feelings within us.


Spiritually we are taught the risks of indulging in the 7 sins will reek havoc on our lives and that the proper context for sexual expression is within marriage. God created sex to strengthen marriages – so husbands and wives would become fully unified and create new life.

But what if like Beyonce, you clearly lust after your spouse and can never seem to get enough. Is lust a sin within marriage?
As the readers of PawiiBlogs we want YOU to complete this post with answers that will help us explore this topic with wisdom.


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Man writes in:

Hi Kat,

I’ve been married to my wife for 6 years. This is my first marriage,  but her second. She shares the same birthday with her ex and they have always celebrated this time together.

Even though they divorced, they are like bff’s…what is the best way to tell them that I don’t feel at all okay with this???

Syria Destroys Local Marriage!

Obama will address the Nation about Syria on Tuesday September 10th 2013. Obama is taking his case straight to those constituents. This past Friday, he spoke to reporters hinting at the arguments he will make in his address from the White House.US president Barack Obama steps off the plane as he arrives for the G20 summit in St Petersburg, Russia (AP)

Saying he will continue to “make the best case” in coming days for taking military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, President Obama will also speak to the American people about why he’s come to that conclusion.

Meanwhile, at the Moody’s home, Blaine and Addie have been feuding profusely rather or not America should aid in Syria’s recent chemical weapon attack on it’s own people with the use of outlawed toxins to kill nearly 1,500 civilians, including at least 426 children.

Blaine thinks that the United States MUST intervene in Syria for humanitarian reasons.  He remembers that in 1994, the world watched as Hutu soldiers, armed with11137 machetes, hacked apart the Rwandan countryside and despite clear evidence of genocide from the United Nations observers and human rights watch groups, the U.S. decided it had no permanent interests in the region and sending a small deployment of soldiers would have been too risky. By the time the civil war ended three months later, 900,000 Rwandans had been slaughtered.  Blaine thinks that that type of history can very well repeat itself if the United Stated chooses to turn a bling eye to this.

Addie is apposed because she clearly remembers her mother teaching her to ‘mind her own business’ as a child growing up. Addie truly feels major compassion for the sufferings of the Syrian people, but also feels that the United States perhaps should aid in providing medical supplies to the wounded, instead of basically sticking our noses in other countries business without knowing all the deep rooted facts.  Addie thinks that Obama may be in over his head on this one, especially going into this without congressional support for an attack on Syria.  She thinks that risking American lives for an unsure war is the same as spraying our own people with the same chemicals that Syria used on their own people!syria-conflicgt

Currently, Addie and Blaine have disagreed so much on this topic that they haven’t even been sleeping in the same room.  Blaine heads out Saturday with a group of  rebels to support the war efforts and will be attending Obama’s address to the Nation about Syria this coming Tuesday!

Addie says, when he comes back home; the house will be a single occupant residence.  She is leaving.  Addie feels that since their politic views are vastly this different that there is NO WAY a marriage can remain successful in the midst.

 about your thoughts???



Minister Farrakhan delivers warning to President Barack Obama regarding Syria:

“Your advisors don’t seem to be your friends.” 
“Well, I ask, is it in Syria’s interest to push America into war with Syria?  I don’t think so.  So may I respectfully say, Mr. President, Your advisers don’t seem to be your friends,”

said Min. Farrakhan, the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, during the 72 minute video.

“Mr. President, they’re destroying you little by little so that you become involved in the spider web of their lies and treachery.”