#Text Tail – Sensual Agendas!

#Text Tail Landis was sitting in his office going over some figures for the upcoming meeting just as he received a text from his girlfriend… Dakota: I’m looking @ that pic U sent me again… Landis: Oh yeah… Dakota: I can image myself wrapping my lips around the head of it. Landis: Damn baby! I’m … Continue reading #Text Tail – Sensual Agendas!

WhY U GoTtA bE So MeAn???

Why are people so mean?  Ya gotta figure that every problem has a root, right?  Should we tell mean people off instinctively or feel sorry for them, cause theirs lives at home MUST be extremely pitiful for them to behave that way, right?  There are many levels of "mean" with just as many reasons why people are mean. … Continue reading WhY U GoTtA bE So MeAn???

Men on Reel w/Damian!

Have you ever wanted to find out certain things about men, but didn't really know how to go about asking them. Or even if you did ask, you weren’t really sure he was giving you an honest answer?  Well, this Friday night we have answers and solutions to some of those age old questions with … Continue reading Men on Reel w/Damian!

A Universal Thing – Men on Reel!

Why is love a universal language? Have you ever asked yourself that??? Love is universal because it is a word that is also followed by action. When you experience love you begin to understand the ACTION within love depending on the situation. Most people describe love as a toasty, huggable feeling that happens every time … Continue reading A Universal Thing – Men on Reel!