Fireproof the Movie!

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imagesIn the wake of his daring rescue of a complete stranger, decorated firefighter Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) realizes the extent to which he has failed as a husband. In a desperate attempt to save his relationship with his wife, Catherine (Erin Bethea), Holt turns to “The Love Dare,” a Christian self-help book.

At the prompting of his devout father, John (Harris Malcom) and guided by the book itself. Holt embarks on a 40-day mission to rescue his marriage from the looming specter of divorce. This film was brought to my attention by a dear author friend of mine, Ms. Renda Rose. She has been such a voice of reason for many decisions I’ve had to make in life.

After watching this movie almost mirror my own marriage, it’s conclusion helped to no end. I’m the kind of relationship coach that keeps it real. All relationships (even coaches) need upkeep and sometimes even repair. If you are having relationship whoa’s that almost have you on the verge of stepping away for your relationship.

Stop, breathe and take a look at this film today.


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