Poetry Time – Guest Writer’s Edition!

Synergism I miss your embrace… Your eyes – your thighs… Your silent sighs… You ebb – flow… Your taste- I search for you… Within the innocence of a lovers blush- A measured smile- An unexpected touch- Missing the rush of too much to not enough… Craving your passion- Your unrestrained lust… Conversations forming our private … Continue reading Poetry Time – Guest Writer’s Edition!

Chestnuts and Such!

One can barely believe that this time of year has even come around this fast, but here we are in the thick of it all. Busy streets, lit up houses and desperate shoppers all over the place. The thing I want to cherish a little more this year is family and friends and take note … Continue reading Chestnuts and Such!

Sending Holiday Cards!

Hi Readers! There is nothing like the holidays, right? And what's even better is getting a holiday card from a dear friend! I cherish all of my readers dearly and to show a little appreciation I will be sending you all holiday cards this season!  Oh, and might I add that 12 lucky readers may have … Continue reading Sending Holiday Cards!