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The Coach is Here!

IMG_20120721_132730_zps016ee9bc.jpgKatrina Gurl is a Certified Relationship coach, author and a motivational speaker. She began her coaching practice after almost divorcing in 2004.

Couples from all walks of life have been able to let love in by healing the pain of past relationships and stepping into their bright futures with guidance from Katrina’s eBooks, as well as the information she shares through her blog, YouTube Channel, newsletters and social media.

Using her unique and proven methods, Katrina continues to help others break free of self-sabotaging relationship blocks, beliefs, and patterns to welcome in love, health and happiness into their lives.

Born in California, Katrina is an encourager and describes her life as an on call cheerleader. Katrina’s real journey to become a certified relationship coach began when she separated from her husband. She knows far too well the struggle of a deteriorating relationship and the pain it can cause.

Claiming you’re an expert at something is a way of extending a proverbial helping hand. And, if we’ve lived long enough, we’re all expert at something. Don’t we look for a person who has comprehensive knowledge of or skill in a particular area (thank you, Oxford Dictionaries) when we’re seeking help? Various online sources claim the word “expert” is from the Latin “expertus,” which means, loosely, having tested, proved or experienced. And that’s just what we expect from experts that they learn and discover better ways to do things we can’t do ourselves.

Though certified, calling herself a relationship expert in no way means she believe I know everything about relationships. But she does spend A LOT of time helping people benefit from her own marital experiences that if she had the chance to do over…she would in a heartbeat!

Every day she’s in the trenches working with individuals and couples helping them figure out their “IF I HAD TO DO IT OVER” relationship issues way before problems occur. If she had to guess, she’s see herself more as an expert in guiding couples to the road called relationship bliss.

“I truly felt as if my marriage was worth a second chance and I decided to do something about it.  Sometimes the second time around really is better than the first.”

Katrina resides in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, Gene. Together, they enjoy the hikes, traveling and exploring new things.

Code of Ethics

Katrina adheres to the code of ethics of:
The International Coaches Federation

Professional Affiliations

Accredited Life and Relationship Coach (RCI)

Founder of Kit Kat’s Coaching

* Founder and Writer for Put A Wedge In It Blogs

* CEO of Steamy Trails Publishing

* Certificate in Business Science (SJ Delta College)

* Wide range of communication and self-development programs


Request a FREE Consultation (WHAT IS COACHING)?

Do you think your relationship is worth fighting for?

This session will help you get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back, and your next move should be.

We NEVER share or sell your contact information. At no time will your information be made public.

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