5 Amazing Apps for Couples!

Having an app that you both use collaboratively can draw you closer together, especially if that same app relates to an interest you both share. It’s a pretty cool way to strengthens your connection and helps you understand each other better.

Talk to each other about which couples app you’d like to try first. Before you choose, make sure you agree on the benefits you both want:

  • Improved organization and productivity
  • Better couples communication and a stronger emotional bond
  • Help with addressing questions one or both of you are avoiding
  • More romantic and enjoyable couple time on date nights

Along with these benefits, though, comes a risk: less face-to-face time without it, having deep, meaningful conversations on what is bothering you in the moment. The apps in this post are meant to help improve communication, not replace it.

Cool App Games for Couples

Use one or more of these apps to have fun while getting to know each other better.

1. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz App

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz apps for couples

With this relationship quiz app, you’ll get to know your significant other better than ever. With packs of addictive relationship games, this app is ideal for newlyweds as well as couples who’ve just started dating.

The games also provide a fun way to stay in touch for couples in long-distance relationships.

First, you answer some questions. Next, you wait for your S.O. to answer those same questions. And next, you guess each other’s answers.

Download for IOS

Download for Android


2. Dirty Games Truth or Dare App

Dirty Games Truth or Dare apps for couples

With over 19,000 Dirty Truths and Dares, this game is a favorite for passionate couples and those looking to reignite the romance in their relationship.

The app has six categories, including Classic, Icebreaker, Flirt, Romantic, Foreplay, and Sex.

Choose the category that best fits the situation and see where it leads. There’s a reason this is a top 100 lifestyle app in over 50 countries — with over 16 million satisfied users.

Download for IOS (sorry android users)


3. Happy Couple App

Happy Couple apps for couples

Couples who use this app answer five new questions every day, from six categories, and then they guess their partner’s answers.

Daily tips help you strengthen your relationship, while personalized challenges and activities keep the communication going.

The questions can spark interesting conversations between you and your partner, and the games keep you entertained as you learn more about each other.

Download for IOS

Download for Android


4. Honeydue App

Honeydue apps for couples

This personal finance app for couples easily tracks bills and bank balances. It also encourages dialogue about your goals and financial habits, individually and as a couple.

Set reminders to pay bills, set monthly spending limits, track and categorize expenditures, and use what you learn to create a budget you can both live with.

Download for IOS

Download for Android


5. Between — Private Couples App

Between Private Couples App apps for couples

Use this app to chat, sync your calendars, coordinate your schedules, and share photos and videos. Make it easy to track and celebrate anniversaries.

Use stickers and GIFs to enhance your private conversations and keep your favorite photos in shared albums.

The synced calendar feature lets you both make notes the other will see. And anything you save — photos, videos, or notes — will be saved to your account, even if you change phones.

Download for IOS

Download for Android


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