Tuesday’s Love Jones – 2020!

2020 has for sure been one of the most horrific years I’ve seen in my entire life. The most obvious is the pandemic, but the amount of personal and celebrity deaths this year!

2020 has really sucked the spirit of Christmas completely out for me!

Although this year took a turn for the worse month after month, there are some things we can be grateful for. Such as, still being alive during a pandemic and God’s Sustaining Presence!

Here we are at the end of this year, while just in March, April and May, we were all just trying to survive and could hardly think what life would be like six months later. Many of us probably did not believe we would still face these challenges and that life would ‘be back to normal’ (whatever normal may look like for you). And yet the sun still shines, we are here, we are well (enough), and we have what we need for today.

I am confident that God will continue to show up each and every day for the rest of my life—even in the coming weeks and months. I look ahead to 2021. Instead of wanting more predictability, more ‘return to normal’, perhaps there is a small yearning for more exploration, more adventure, more resilience, more orienting myself around the things that truly matter.

Maybe 2020 has been a wake-up call to take inventory of our lives by putting the important things into perspective.


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