Tuesday’s Love Jones – Should I Break Up During the Holidays?

So, you are in a relationship, and it’s not working out and you’ve been contemplating leaving. But Christmas is right around the corner, with all its warm, fuzzy feelings and movies on lifetime pulling on your heart strings, right?

A part of you has the mind to stay and work it out, while the other half has mentally been gone long ago.

No one wants to be a Scrooge, but doubts of saving this relationship just will not go away…

So, is it OK to breakup with a person before Christmas?

The answer is yes. Yes, it is!

Of course, I get it! You may not want to hurt the other person but staying in a situation where you are always questioning why you are still there, will hurt more in the long run. And, usually you are the one hurting more than not.

I know you may prolong things by thinking there is a chance you can still make it work, but life is way too short for that type of thinking.  You may even think it is cruel to leave someone during a pandemic, but that’s an even bigger reason to just move on.

I also know (from lots of experience) that being alone over the holiday season can be as tough as an overcooked duck. But take that alone time to work on you, your goals and rebuilding your life.

Staying in a bad relationship does not oblige to the holiday seasons. A bad relationship does not care if it’s Christmas, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day! Problems will not get better or disappear, no matter how many lights we put around a house. Relationships don’t get better just because there’s a tree with lights in the living room.

If anything, way before Santa comes to town is the best time to end a bad relationship.

The New Year is a prime opportunity to tune into your own needs and focus on self-care. Peradventure: this could be the year you stick to those New Year’s resolutions…when you finally let go of the emotional baggage the has for far too long dimmed your true light. If you are miserable in your relationship, give your own self the gift of freedom this year!

A famous song say’s that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but how more contrary could that be if you are in a rotten relationship?

If there are children involved, the best gift of life to give a child is for them to see what happiness looks like, up close, through your eyes.

If there are two incomes that floats a family budget that may affect livelihood if you breakup, that situation may be tough, but I’d still give the advice to at least plan and save to leave in any way possible.

In closing, life is too short to not be happy, live happy and feel happy!

Happy Holidays

– Kat

Listen to “Should We Breakup Before Christmas?” by Book, Blogs and Relationships. ⚓ https://anchor.fm/katrina-gurl/episodes/Should-We-Breakup-Before-Christmas-en6src


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