Put A Wedge In It – The Social Edition!

imageblmIn January of 2014, my immediate family relocated for a better career opportunity to Bellingham Washington.

We were moving from the melting pot of the Central Valley of California. A place where you get to experience pretty much all races.  It was a huge awakening for us to move to a city that had an 85% white population.

We were not afraid or anything, but, boy did we get a LOT of stares whenever we left the house. We quickly had to become comfortable with the feeling of a spotlight on us that year.

Fast forward almost 7 years later, we are finally seeing a little more diversity here. This is why we were completely overwhelmed with the love and support shown by the community for the BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTEST.

More than 5,000 people gathered for a Solidarity Rally Saturday afternoon, June 6, at Maritime Heritage Park in Bellingham to bring the community together “to make a stand for the injustice of a failed system.”

The harmonious event was filled with amazing speeches, want for change and willing allies making their voice and presence known in support of justice for George Floyd. The man that was brutally murdered by a cop in broad daylight, May 25, 2020…while three other cops stood by and did nothing.

After watching the peaceful protests, we have never felt more comfortable living in Bellingham than we have this past weekend.  As a black person, I now truly have hope that inequality and racism can be abolished if we all as a human race make a choice to stand on the right side of humanity.

Perhaps our children’s children will actually be able to experience what equality feels like as a standard.

My daughter has created a wonderful atlas as to how our allies may understand the injustices of our people and ways to use your efforts to help change that. Watch Here


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