TLj – Sex in the Morning!

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health, but morning sex may be apawiiblogs morning sex GOOD reason to wake extra early for.

There are literally so many health benefits to having morning sex. Sex may improve both your mental and physical well-being. Sex can improved mood that will potentially lower blood pressure, so that alone you can give one a good mood before facing morning traffic, a talkative uber driver or the goofy barista that never you’re your drink right.

And, OMG…in addition to your everyday health habits, morning sex may be just the thing to help you have fewer colds and perhaps even experience less pain.

Science says, if you’re combatting chronic conditions or trying to reduce stress, morning sex may be the cure for what ails you. Better than medicine, right?

How Morning Sex It Lowers Blood Pressure…

Blood pressure is one of those things you don’t even think about until you visit your doctor and realize there is need for concern. However, sex may be a great way lower blood pressure, at least according to WebMD. A little morning relations may be just the thing to keep that systolic number low.

How Morning Sex Lessens Periods…

Waking up to period paid is THEE worse! But Aunt Flo may have to take a backseat. Having an orgasm can help expel your blood more quickly, potentially causing shorter periods. Morning sex is a good way to counteract the general ickiness of menstrual cycles.

How Morning Sex Improves Self-Esteem…

When you have something to smile about, doesn’t the day go by better? And yes, exercising can improve your self-esteem and help you feel desirable and attractive. But, morning sex can too!

Morning Sex Keeps Your Heart Healthy…

Looking after your heart (the physical one) can be an easy task. According to Everyday Health, your risk of fatal heart disease may decrease when your orgasms increase.

pawiistuffMorning Sex Reduces Pain…

If you wake up with a headache most mornings, then this may be your favorite tip. Did you know that the release of hormones during orgasm may help block the perception of pain?  While hormones may help increase your pain threshold, sex (on the other hand) can serve as a wonderful distraction from even the worst aches.

Morning Sex Boosts Brainpower…

It’s helpful to start off the day as sharp as possible. And, according to a University of Amsterdam study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, sex may help improve your analytical thinking skills.

Morning Sex PawiiBlogsMorning Sex Gives You a Pass on the Gym…

Early morning rolls in the bed may not produce the same effects as running. But, it still counts as something. Turns out, sex may burn as many calories as a half-hour jog.

Morning Sex Boosts Your Immunity…

Say goodbye to calling in sick days! Adding a little morning grinding to your daily routine may be just what the doctor ordered. Turns out, sex may Mixed race woman blowing her nosehelp keep you healthy by boosting your levels of IgA, which is an antibody that can help fight off infection. What a fun way to protect yourself from colds and other nasty sicknesses in the wee hours of the morning with some loving in the morning. Another great read: Create Sexy Sex

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