TLj – Intimacy Does Not Equal Sex!

Even though “intimacy” has nothing to do with the act of sex…there is a certain arousal that takes place when a lover takes time to give you their personal attention with no expectations in return.

There are many things to do that will draw couples closer that is just as euphoric as sex…

3f6ae861e6d73fd2d576a6ca59d7a742OFFER TO HELP YOUR PARTNER WITH SOMETHING: Nothing is quite as sexy as a man that’s not afraid to help with the dishes or any other chores for that matter. Helping your partner with some random task gives you the two of you extra time together and shows you care. It’s amazing how close you feel when you wash and he dries.

PLAY TRUTH OR DARE: Add a bit of risk into the equation with some old school Truth or Dare. I know it might sound childish, but why should couples have to be mature 24/7? Sit down in the middle of the living room floor and have fun. You’ll be laughing and opening up in no time. If you play it right, one intimate thing might just lead into another.

FOCUS ON JUST MAKING OUT: Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of just making out. Keep the clothes on and enjoy the thrill of kissing without expecting anything else. Going straight to the main course is so boring. Try something more innocent and see how connected you truly feel.

SHARE YOUR FANTASIES: I didn’t say other forms of intimacy had to exclude sex completely. How often have you wanted to role play? You don’t have to do them right this second, but it takes courage to open up and say what you’d love to try one day.

intimacyAnd, fantasies does not mean that your partner wants to experience wild thoughts with another person…it simply means it something that has crossed their minds and they’d really like to do them with you if you’re open minded enough.

DANCE TO YOUR FAVORITE SONGS: Want to see each other without the daily stress and just have fun? Dance to your favorite songs. Sit down together, make a playlist and dance like no one’s watching. You’ll laugh, forget about being self-conscious and open up to each other in a way you’ve probably never done before.

Intimacy happens off the bed sometimes. Give these a try and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Have an intimant Tuesday

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