TLj – How to Gain a Second Chance!

For today’s post, I went to my dopest friend for ideas on what to write about today. Ya see, sometimes us perpetual bloggers literally run out of fresh ideas, so I was happy that he replied quickly. He gladly gave me the topic and told me to call it “second chances.” I then asked him to elaborate a bit and that I’d start writing right away. He said, “Write about ways to reconnect with a long, lost, love and advice on reigniting a dying flame.”

With his simple suggestion, I immediately thought of a list of things a person can do to “gain a second chance!” If we focus on our own actions first, more times than not reigniting flames will come naturally. Flames always spark when we do what it takes to 031b999a8796abddb425606ba6e4b338--black-and-black-black-lovepromote the fire. And, if you think you deserve a second chance, you have to prove that there is nothing to be afraid of going forward. He or she must understand that previous issues won’t resurface in the future.

Now, we all remember learning about the Stop, Look, and Listen rule, right?  This was a warning tactic that was taught children to stay safe, but we still need that same type of safety in our relationships too. Am I right?  Sometimes all people need to do to repair broken relationships are already within them if they take notice. All we need are these 3 steps to build what will most likely will never fade anyway…


Assess the situation around you. Be aware of how your actions may be making the other person feel and have understanding and empathy.


Be willing to look at the person in the mirror….that means you! Acknowledge your own wrongs as opposed the other persons. Be willing to say sorry and mean it! Keeping in mind that the rebuilding process may take a moment, so never place an estimated time on someone else’s healing process.


Be meaningful in your words and always make sure they match your efforts. There is nothing worse than a person that talks the talk, but never walks the walk!!!

In closing, I personally am a big fan of second chances. However, if I am the one giving the second chance, I want to come out the other end of this thing UNDERSTOOD, RESPECTED and BETTER!

A special thanks to my friend for leading me on this particular topic and happy Tuesday to you all.


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