44 Times Over – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

Okay, Okay!!!

Yes, it is waaaaay past my birthday, which was June 4th, but this is a tradition I have started here and I will not allow Katrina's 44th Bdayanything to stop that. Some people think I went into hiding (for what I have no idea), but the truth is that I was sick and had no desire to get on social media until God answered my prayers in healing my body. And, since my facebook had gotten hacked I simply decided to shut everything down.  God did heal me eventually, but it was such a task physically and emotionally.  Now that I am back on track with my health…this is the reason why this past birthday was so special to me.

No matter how much money you have, without good health, you may as well be the poorest person in the room!!!!

There is nothing like good health , so in this post I am urging folks (mostly women) to get regular checkups. A woman’s body is so complex that things could be going on in our bodies without even feeling symptoms until it is way too late. We women, are professional multitasking sheros with the emotional weight of our families literally on our shoulders and stress can sometimes be the biggest hidden factor of the illnesses that creep up on us.

When I finally decided to go to the doctor to see what the heck was wrong with me, the first thing my doctor issued was prescriptions that medicated the problem, but did little to really help. It actually made things worse with added side effects.

Long story short, I decided to take my health on a new path and began researching everything I could find about fibroids and the causes of continued bleeding. I soon was lead to homeopathic remedies and started learning about the benefits of juicing and smoothies. And yes I know…this is a story as old as time where people find new health through fruits, herbs and vegetables and trust and believe I was never really sold on any of that until I actually tried it myself.

For the first time in well over 5 months, my body was back on schedule without meds or dealing with chronic anemia. On a separate post I will share all the recipes I (with God’s help) created during the process of my healing!

Anyway, as far as my birthday this year…it was simply amazing! I seemed to have gotten gifts throughout the entire month of June and I know I am a loved woman. My Stockton family, husband and kids are my lifelines in all I do! I really appreciate how my husband was so patient and so understanding during my sickness. He was a pure example of what a man needs to be for his wife in sickness and health.

Now that God has healed me all up, I am starting my publishing company back to full force and I truly thank everyone for checking in on me and maybe even saying a silent prayer as well. Please forgive me for not may not returning calls or texts as I should have, but please know that I was in a dark place as far my health was concerned and I didn’t want to talk to anyone and that was just my lil odd way of handling things. However, through this happening, I got to clearly see whom real friends and family were.

Now here are the things I am 44 times over grateful:

  1. My husband, kids and nephew
  2. My mom and sisters
  3. My true friends
  4. The Bible
  5. The fact that God has everything on earth to heal our bodies and keep us healthy
  6. Morning coffee
  7. Sunny days in Bellingham
  8. My ability to write
  9. Making a woman smile (When a woman smiles, I feel as though God does the same)
  10. Plus size forever 21
  11. Great service at a restaurant
  12. When my life song comes on the radio every time I need it to (Make it Happen by Mariah Carey)
  13. Sexy heels that I can actually walk in
  14. When my husband calls me a hot chick
  15. Black coffee with my oldest son (He makes coffee seem magical)
  16. Red wine
  17. Talking to my favorite cousin (even at her worse she’s still the best)
  18. Word-find books
  19. Sewing a skirt
  20. Listening to my daughter share her love life to me like a best friend
  21. Getting a free surprise with my online orders
  22. Adore me (sexy plus size lingerie)
  23. Being a light to my children and nephew
  24. The Lion’s Room
  25. The Golden Girls
  26. Sex
  27. Hot Rod (the movie)
  28. Thank you notes (on Jimmy Fallon)
  29. My cell phone
  30. My debit cards
  31. Pop-Secret (Kettle Corn)
  32. My online store (www.fluffychic.com)
  33. Our new bed…it’s literally dreamy
  34. The Clark Sisters
  35. Smoothies
  36. My daughter’s homemade face cleanser
  37. My grand imagination
  38. The Riflemnn and Gun-Smoke
  39. The feeling of real love
  40. Being understood with few words
  41. Inside Jokes
  42. Carnations (Beautiful, yet cheap flowers)
  43. Looking in the mirror and saying to myself, “Not bad girlfriend…not bad at all!”
  44. Good health

Loving me

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