Hi I. B. – Here Is My Honest Opinion!

Dear Katrina,

I’ve been in a relationship for 8 years, but here is my problem:

KitKatCoaching to guys

I have opened my own fast food joint and although financial issues are still occurring because of the new business, I am trying my best and working hard to make it a success.

My girlfriend, on the other hand wants to go on a sabbatical after reading your post. THANKS!!! I don’t agree with it at all because on one hand it might work, but what if it doesn’t?

Deep down inside, I know she wants to settle down and get married, but with the new business and my financial issues, I just don’t see it fair to both of us to start a marriage on a bad financial note.

I love this woman deeply and am loyal to her only, but recently I caught her lying to me. She has started behaving in a weird manner, chatting with male friends for hours while keeping me on the sideline. I feel our love is fading. I am not very successful yet, but I am trying my best and I DO NOT want to lose her!

Katrina, I need some advice, because I don’t know what to do and for me a sabbatical is not the answer.


Hi (I will call you I. B.)!

Thanks for writing in…my advice gives you LOTS to think about…


First of all, the age you two are may play a big part in my advice. If you two are between the ages of 20-35 then you should consider the sabbatical. The way I see it, youth plays a big part in wanting to explore other relationships and letting her go now may be a plus for you in the long run.

If this woman is lying and disrespecting you by talking to other men, that alone is a great reason to move on.  However, if you are putting 100% into the business and giving no time to her, she may be looking ahead and realizing the fact that if you can so easily disregard her obvious emotional needs while you are building the business then maybe a sabbatical to see what she wants is good for her in the long run.

If you are both between the ages of 35 and beyond, I would say for you both to get serious about what you two may want to do with your relationship. Finding love in this day and age is like trying to find a real pair of Louboutin’s at a flee market, so if you love her don’t let her go!

Your girlfriend has already proven a wayward eye, so this means trust issues are in the relationship whether you guys stay together or not. Are you willing to work through that, is the question.

If you two decide to stay together…make her feel as if you are taking her love seriously by setting  realistic goals about marriage if that is what you want in the future.  Wise up and understand that she perhaps is talking to other men right in your face to just get your attention.

After you really think about this and perhaps take my advice…let me know if she still will even want that sabbatical.  Sounds to me that that’s not really what she wants…sounds like what she wants most of all is you 100%.

Kudos to you by the way for starting your own business…that takes gut, so keep up the great work and keep me posted with your situation.

~ Kat 🙂


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