Dating in the Comfort of Your Own Home – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

Okay Readers…

So, we are in the thick of fall and things are pretty chilly outside, right? I literally love this time of the year, but the hubby hates it…he can’t wait for summer to come back.

When the weather is not the way you’d like it to be things can become boring and mundane in the relationship, but allow this post to help you and your mate to help you get through it.


Try some Stay at Home Dates…

RULES: NO FIGHTING, No talking about problems, JUST HAVE FUN!

~ Go on an appreciation dinner date. Before you take each bite of food or each sip from your drink, tell your spouse something you appreciate about him or her or something you appreciate that he or she has done recently or in the past.

~ Go on a virtual tour of museums online @

~ Listen to some old music you grew up with and chat about great memories.

~ Add a romantic twist to a board game. For example, with monopoly do something kinky to the other player when one lands in jail.


~ Recreate scenes from your favorite movies.

~ Redesign your bedroom together by creating a romantic ambiance that you both agree on.


~ Bake something together. The hubs and I make an AMAZING sweet potato pie over the holidays.


~ Write a letter on paper to your partner

~ Play indoor tag. When you catch each other think of something fun you can do like kiss for 30 seconds, etc.

~ Read scriptures together….Song of Solomon is quite intriguing .

~ Have a shower or bathtub date together.

~ Pretend you are a fashion photographer and do a photo shoot of your spouse.

~ Interview your spouse and write a biography about him or her.

~ Find a nearby FALL FAIR!!!!


~ Play hide and go seek. Think of romantic rewards that you can give to your spouse when he or she finds you.

~ Make hot chocolate and watch the rain or snow together.


~ Feed each other a meal.

~ Give each other foot massages.

~ Then plan your dream weekend getaway.

~ Take a long drive somewhere.

autumn cars 4235x2855 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_28

These are just a few ideas for the season, but feel free to make some of your very own. Have an amazing Tuesday!!! ~ Kat 🙂

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