Simple Fall Fashions Under $50 Bucks!

My most favorite things about fashion are the emotional experiences that can come along with it. Let me explain. When I get dressed each day in one of my bargained priced clothing deals; I notice how feel as I move through the day. For instance, a favorite pair of shoes becomes a favorite based on how confident and amazing I felt all day while wearing them or perhaps a dress I wore got me several compliments and it also became a favorite.

Fashion to me, speaks volumes with having to not say one word; and it may be cliché, but when I dress happy…I feel happy. Take these #writer jeans by Ashley Stewart for example.

I love them because I really am a writer and wearing them gave me the confidence to pass out a few flyers inviting people to this blog and also telling a few people that I also have books available on Amazon.

blog tapl

This next look is special to me because I have just begun providing human hair along with my hair cream for women that have gone natural. I did the big chop back in 2010 and the moment after I did it I regretted it. For some reason back then it seemed that only celebs had access to hair that matched their texture perfectly as they went natural, so I am proud to provide that for my customers. I really don’t like the short look, so as my own hair grows I can look the way I want to look.

We have Natural Afro Kinky Curly 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions that is perfect for 4B/4C Hair Textures. 2 bundles will satisfy most, but if you are looking for super fullness 4 bundles are perfect for you!

The shirt in this look makes me feel like a #NaturalHairedBadA$$ to say the least.

blog tapd

Ever since I was a kid I have loved overalls. The final look for this post is a very simple one. How happy am I that #Forever21 provides such trendy looks with really great prices. I am more of a trendy dresser and #Forever21 allows me to stay upbeat in my fashions without breaking the bank.

A pair of denim overalls complete with an exposed front zipper, slanted front pockets, and adjustable straps. Just perfect for casual fall fashion.

blog tapz

All these looks were purchased through the #ConfidenceBargainoftheWeek savings blend. We shop mainly online sales. We search high and low for the best promocodes and we use ebates to earn cash as we shop each week. Stay in the know each week and learn how to shop like a pro!!! Sign up for ebates here to jump start your holiday shopping.

Your next great look is JUST AROUND THE RIVER BEND!

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