Maxi, Maxi, Maxi – Tuesday’s Love Jones!

Maxi writes:


I have started a new job and was instantly attracted to a colleague that I once dated in college. For the past 3 months we’ve had to work closely on projects and the sexual tension is crazy.

I can’t even remember the last time I’ve felt such intense physical attraction from anyone…including my husband. Michael (the co-worker) is married also and as the days go by the tension is rising.

His flirting is incessantly and if I’m truthful, I love every minute of it. So far, outwardly, I handle this totally professional but on the inside, I am always wanting to know how it would feel to be romantically involved with him.

What should I do?

~ Max

Kat’s Reply:

In my professional opinion, you that you need to get a grip! And, by get a grip, I mean you need to figure out why you are so quickly attracted sexually to men other than your husband. As for Michael, if that man is disrespecting his wife with you at work, he most likely flirts with every new female employee in the office and you may even notice that the longer your work there.

Michael has already shown you that he does not respect marriage and you most defiantly should never fall for a guy with such standards. Another thing, he flirts with you because you allow him to. Most men know how to seek out the women that will give them the time of day. Don’t be a foolish woman!

And, as far as the “what should you do question” …well, that is solely up to you. If you think losing or harming your marriage is worth it; carry on. But, if there is a mere chance that you honor your husband, you should begin letting this Michael know through your actions that you are not interested in him.

Obviously, you are lacking A LOT physically and emotionally in your marriage and you should seek what may be wrong in your marriage and work on how to feel that same passion with your own man.  Sit down and talk to you man, go to therapy, or leave if you are truly unhappy.

If I may play devil’s advocate? Say you and this Michael do have an office fling. What do you think will come next? Do you think this Michael will become the love of your life and you two will ride into some sunset? Nah, more than likely, all it will do is cause you to feel guilty, used, and uncomfortable every day after the fling while still having to work with that fool at work.

What will you do, Maxi? Please keep us posted.

~ Kat

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