Just Say Thank You – The Confidence Bargain of the Week!

Wow Folks!!!

Has it been a while since my last post or what??? I have surely missed having a short moment to just WRITE! I have been so  busy with my hairline and publishing books for my amazing clients that I have really lagged on posts here.

Anyway, enough about that…

Recently, I went to visit my cousins over in Puyallup, Wa., which is about 2 hours from my house. The reason I went over is to not only visit, but to perhaps get some cool professional looking pics for the fashion portion of my blog.  I have this awesome Nikon camera and it’s almost impossible to take selfies with the thing.  I figure, since I paid all that money for the thing I really need to start using it!  When I arrived, I had strong stipulations as to how I needed the pics to come out…such as poses, angles and lighting, because i’m no fool…I know i have put on a few pounds this summer.

Selfies are so much easier to control
Selfies are so much easier to control

I applied my make-up and put on the first fall look.  After my cousin took a few shots I was totally disguised because the full camera shots CLEARLY showed my weight gain JUST as I suspected it would!

“OMG!” I say. “I literally hate these pics!” 

“Trina, you are so pretty.” My cousin says, shaking her head.

“But look at my flabby arms and pot belly!!! I look ridiculous!!!” I say, totally disregarding her compliment.

“Just say thank you!” she says in pure disbelief of her ears hearing me (the confident cousin) put myself down so freely.

When she said those words: Just Say Thank You; it really struck a chord with me. Here I am preaching to woman about loving themselves and to be confident one outfit at at a time and there I was freely putting myself down.  Her words were sort of the slap in the face that I needed to realize that my beauty is beyond skin deep

and if I am not happy with my weight, well, all I have to do is focus to change that ant talking about all my flaws sure wasn’t gonna help that process.

When I got home and uploaded the pics to my comp, I still didn’t like them at all, but I did realize that they sure don’t look as bad as I first thought.  I am still posting them, because I know there is a woman out there that will come across this post and it will help her look at herself in a more positive light OR perhaps simply to have confidence in themselves NOW even if they  are NOT the size they want to be. I know this post will make someone think twice before they crumble up a compliment that someone gives you by replacing it with a negative reaction like I did.

That is so not attractive.

In closing: Life is way too short for us to be so hard on ourselves…we (especially me) should enjoy life, take the good with the bad and dress the body we are in now FABULOUSLY!!! The good thing that came out of the photo-shoot is that I had a great time with my family and laughed way harder than I have in months, so a special thanks to Tasha, Charla, Mya and Chaz! I even was given a starbucks card from Elijah and got to hear fro Jo! I cherish the time and that’s what life should be…cherished moments…not putting myself down. Like duh, right?!!

Below are a few of my favorite fall looks! All under $50 bucks! All Confidence Bargains of the Week!!!

These looks were found at #Forever21, #AshleyStewart, #Target and #Walmart exclusively.

Fall Looks

Fall Looks

Fall looks


2 thoughts on “Just Say Thank You – The Confidence Bargain of the Week!

  1. I really commend you for putting your insecurities aside to hopefully provide encouragement for other women. Its extremely selfless of you and I promise you that many women appreciate it. The media makes us feel that we are abnormal with our awkwardly placed curves lol…but when we see that other women may have a few of her own, we feel okay after all 🙂

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