PRESSRELEASE: Unforeseen Partitions by Keeta B.

Steamy Trails Publishing

Keeta B. is quickly becoming known for her many styles of writing and is captivating her readers with her genuine love for writing.

~ Steamy Trails Publishing

Unforeseen PartitionsUnforeseen Partitions is an erotic experience by Keeta B. that will enthrall with the slightest touch of tip of the first turned page.  Each story will entice, arouse your natural romantic curiosity, and tantalize your inner freak like a warm blanket of sensuality. The touch of a hand or a passionate kiss on the lips will become more electrifying if you allow the words to flow off the pages into your minds and bedroom.

Unforeseen Partitions will take you to the erotic heighten places that only dreams are made of and when you flip the final page, you’ll think,  “This is one HOT read!”

Nakita (Keeta B.), grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan and graduated from Battle Creek Central High School.    After…

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