Tuesday’s Love Jones – 100 over 50’s!

Did you know that most people in relationships operate according to a 50/50 plan?

Now, I don’t know about you all, but, I for one will never accept anything less than 100% of anything…especially in a marriage or relationship.

Thinking of marriage as a 100/100 relationship, with each person willing to do whatever it takes to make the marriage work will assure the practice of bliss.  For a marriage to thrive, both spouses need to put aside their own desires and seek to serve the other.

For example, as I stated in the video; the hubs and I are spending time together in Arizona during his regular work week. This was relaxation for me, but for him it’s still work as usual. When he decided to wash his truck, I, without even thinking, commenced to cleaning the inside of the truck to help as much as possible for him to finish thing up before heading to work that night.

We were naturally and immediately team getting thing done and helping each other without even having to discuss it.

Tuesday's Love Jones - 100 over 50!

Just imagine waking up each day with a mindset to make your partner’s day a little happier?  Part of giving 100% of yourself is also realizing that this requires you to NOT ONLY worry about you and your own needs in the relationship.  Giving 100% is putting in extra effort that is well worth it for the health of your union.

Marriage is the union of two imperfect people that can sometimes become selfish and less concerned with the feelings of their partner, but if you concentrate on implementing the 100/100 idea in your relationship the outcome of newfound positivity my surprise you.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and remember that 100% is so much better than 50!!!

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