Tuesday’s Love Jones- Go Vacate Somewhere!

Tuesday's Love Jones- Go Vacate Somewhere!July is the thick of the summer, right? July is right when the summer is just about beginning, yet a clear sign of it almost being over and we shouldn’t waist these precious and beautiful days.

As couples, we should make a habit of creating small memories of our lives in as many places as we can, because not only is summer too short, but life is too short as well. People who add experiences and special, memories are usually happier people.  Plus, working together to navigate a strange place, having time to just relax and chat, exploring new cultures and ideas on vacation provide lots of opportunities for relationship growth.

Taking the time to learn what you both find beautiful and inspiring will inspire you to see the beauty in one another.

Take the opportunity to learn something new together by allowing the trip to help you feel free spirited. Vacationing will definitely amp up the erotic excitement in the relationship too.Tuesday's Love Jones- Go Vacate Somewhere!

Before July is over go vacate somewhere beautiful…I sure will!

Have a happy Tuesday and I’ll see you in August!!! 🙂



2 Comments on “Tuesday’s Love Jones- Go Vacate Somewhere!

  1. I love the idea of exploring life with someone. I love watching my friends discover more about themselves. I could only imagine how great it would be to do the same WITH someone.

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