Tuesday’s Love Jones – Honey, Does this Make Me Look Fat?!

b2f5ebaa50f5f63130e1adfacee42874Way back in the 90’s it took me only one time to ask my husband that old cliché question: “Honey, do I look fat in this dress?” The answer he gave me caused me to make a pact with myself to never ask him that again!

His answer still rings in my memory along with the confused and ‘is this a trick question’ look on his face.  He said, “Babe, of course you still look a little chubby, you just had a baby.”

***Blank Stare***

There are certain questions that guys can answer honestly, but then there are some honest answers that will be at cost or risk if you will. Just for the record of hear this from a real born female blogger…the question, “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?” That is not a question, it is a trap and you woman does not really want you to be really honest.

There is an entire judgmental world out there that makes us as women feel uncomfortable in just about anything we put on whether she is a size 2 to plus, the last thing she wants to hear is yet another negative comment from the lovebbbb of her life.

Atlas, what do most men do?  They stand up to that trick question with a lie. Ya see, men are not fools that us married women often take them for, they know that a little white lie will ease the pain of the real facts to the presented question. In their minds, in the long run the white lie will keep his penis safe for some good lovin later on.  To a guy the truth of the minor matter is just not worth a lack of sex later. And, in a lot of cases, women withhold sex for all kinds of reasons! LOL!!!

In all actuality, how can a guy answer this loaded, Catch-22? If he answers “yes,” he’s in the doghouse. If he says “no,” he’s ‘not being honest’ and is accused of not paying attention to the small things in the relationship.

Yes, with women one tiny question can be that deep!

As a woman that has lived and learned, I personally think it’s a stupid question.  In my mind, if I feel fat before I put on the dress; not much is going to change after I get into the dress, so why place the guy you’re with smack dab in the middle of your personal drama about your weight and insecurities.  In all honesty, guys…the girls asking this silly question never want to actually hear the truth.

Plus-Size-Fashion-Inspirations-plus-size-womens-clothes-30606957-900-1350Next time this question is asked, use humor to back yourselves out of this trap…

Woman: “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?”
Man: “If that is what fat girls are looking like these days, sign me up!”

True story, this is what a friend said to his wife when she asked the dreadful question and then he kissed her on his check and quickly walked out of the room.  A seasoned married man knows just what to do.  He basically agreed with her, but his response also let her know that he still thinks she looks good no matter the extra pounds.

At the end of the day, that’s all a girl really wants is to know that she is still desirable even in this vain world to the man she loves.

To my guy readers, that is truly part of the stem to that question.

Too bad ‘Put A Wedge In It Blogs’ couldn’t have helped poor Abe! LOL!

Have a happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Honey, Does this Make Me Look Fat?!

  1. Preach, girl! This is good advice and keeps the peace for everyone lol. I asked my coworker yesterday if he liked my hair bun. He replied with “No, not at all. It looks like you but zero effort into it.” All I could do was just stare…hell, I asked!

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