Bornday Post – Moving on Graciously 43 Times!

I am 43 today! This day in history, June 4th 2003 – Martha Stewart, diva of domesticity, was indicted in June on nine charges of obstruction of justice. Stewart entered federal court in Manhattan and surrendered to federal authorities. At a nine-minute arraignment Wednesday afternoon, she and Bacanovic each pleaded not guilty to all nine counts, possibly paving the way for a trial that would draw tremendous publicity.  Stewart was sentenced to five measly months in prison after she was found guilty of insider trading and the rest is history.



But, don’t we all make mistakes at some point or another that we wished never occurred? Well , maybe not all federalish like Martha, but mistakes are mistakes and we pay a cost for them whether  that be in private or public, right???

Lord knows I have made many mistakes in my 43 years of life, but as the years of my life tacks on a larger numbers, gratitude grows larger as well. Passing years are the healer, awakening and teacher.  No matter what “life” has in store for us…time is the common denominator that will be the determining factor of how we will live out our days.

Today, as a happy, blessed, humble, 43 year old lady; I didn’t become this way without mistakes. I am happy because I choose to learn from my mistakes and move on graciously.



What I want more than ever these days is to live a life that will affect others in a positive way; I want my husband to continue to believe that I am the best blessing on earth that God has given him and I want my children and nephew to be proud that God chose me to be in their lives.  Lastly, I want my sisters to always see me as one of their bestest friend and my mother to know that I truly understand her plight.

Life is truly what you make of it and I have made a conscious choice to live a life that I will make others proud of. I walk into 43 boldly!!!

Now, with all that said…may I get on with my bday. Check on these Cool Birthday Freebies 

Have an awesome day,

~ Katrina J


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