Tuesday’s Love Jones – 11 Things Happy Moms Do!

Did all my Motherly readers have an awesome, relaxing, pampering, appreciative weekend???

Naturally, we’re all in the pursuit of happiness. But once you achieve that happiness, it becomes a natural part of your living and as Mothers, we deal with about a ton of pressure from so many different angles, it’s no wonder why “we” literallyHappy Moms deserve a day for relaxation, appreciation and happiness.

Happy moms practice happy habits and possess happy traits, but real happy moms rarely need to mention them….

Things Happy Mommas Do

1. We give and don’t expect anything in return – They give from their time, their money, their knowledge, and their resources. They’re simply generous. As much as giving is a selfless act, it is extremely fulfilling and often brings more happiness to the one giving than the one receiving.

2. We stay out of drama – Parenting wars. Social media disputes. Backbiting. Gossip among friends. Happy moms simply avoid it. This means, happy moms usually do watch shows like any of those housewives shows Lol.

3. We give thanks – Gratitude to God for the countless blessings He’s given you is a step towards achieving long lasting happiness. Thanking others also goes a long way.

4. We are cheerleaders for other moms – They are forever encouraging and motivating others, and are genuinely happy at their successes whether they know them or not. Happy people want to see other people happy.

5. We nurture important relationships – Having a close network of friends and loved ones for emotional and moral support is also important. It’s not about having many friends, but it’s about nurturing and working to maintain those relationships that matter. Holding on to those few individuals you can turn to share moments of joy and sorrow, seek advice and have adult conversations with are likely to help you achieve happiness. Relationships don’t last long, so it’s up to you to maintain and nurture them.

6. Happy Moms prioritize – They understand that doing it all and being it all is not only unhealthy, but ineffective and not required of any mom or human being. As mothers you have priorities and understanding what needs to be done, and what can wait grants you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re taking care of the major things. This in turn helps you stay organized so you don’t feel guilty and regretful over spending too much time on the less important things.

7. We live days of purpose – Happy moms view their days differently. Their days are focused. Either there are set goals and plans to be achieved or the intention of motherhood is always present. Either way, there is a purpose attached to the hustle and bustle of their daily routine.

8. We place importance on self-development – Happiness is not found in perfection. Recognize that you’re not perfect. Happy moms realize, is that we are full of short comings and there is always room for improvement. When you work on yourself spiritually, physically, emotionally, situationally etc., you take ownership of your happiness.

9. We make a way to pursue personal goals – It’s not enough to dream and have goals, you have to be in the pursuit of them to achieve satisfaction. Being a mom really shifts your schedule and priorities, often making it very difficult to continue with a personal goal. However, happy moms find a way, even if it means delayed achievement and harder work.

10. We accept their children for who they are – This sounds like common sense, but really, constant comparisons to other children and wishful thinking of your child being different or actively trying to change your child to fit your idealized version of what a child should be is a recipe for motherhood misery. Love your children unconditionally and embrace their uniqueness.

11. We seek forgiveness – We’re bound to err, but what distinguishes us is our repentance to God and one another. Repentance brings about tremendous benefits to your life and soul.

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