#RepostMonday: Men on Reel – The Un-Well-Endowed!

89697475Does size REALLY matter with all the available and creative help that the sensual industry provides these days?

How many times women have had sexual encounters with men that have completely lied about their penis size and might I as a woman set the record straight and end the argument about size for the final time right here on Put A Wedge In It Blogs…SIZE DOES MATTER!!!! PERIOD!!!

The precious wall of a vagina is made up fibroid and autonomous contractible muscle that is about 3 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. However, the vagina can expand up to 200% in size, making it possible to deliver a baby, and then return its original shape. The vagina, to me is just like having a super power.

Size matters, in my opinion, because of the way a vagina is designed (this may not true for all women) but, a larger penis tends to fill the vagina. The extra length allows a well endowed penis to stimulate the entire vagina plus the cervix.

I’m all about honest here, so please note that when women first discover that their partner’s penis is smaller than he let on it was, she is disappointed, bewildered, baffled and confused, because she knows that a bigger penis can work wonders.  Um…however, after the initial disappointment, she will give you an opportunity to make up for your small size.

For men that feel as though they are too small in the penal department: you should first take a mental examination to make sure it not due to a self-esteem issue or because of a bad sexual experience that you’ve had in the past.  Once you have determined where the feelings of inadequacy is coming from, immediately do something about it!

7 Tips for the un-well-endowed man

  • Use Sex Toys – Bring a vibrators into the action or a dildos to amp up your bedroom play.
  • Use Bodysage Techniques – Gentle stroking and rubbing of pleasure points, such as her breasts, throat, belly, buttocks and vagina, will drive her wild and prime her for an orgasm.

  • Role-Play – Dress up in whatever type of outfit you want and encourage her to do the same. Live out fantasies with costumes and accessories that make them feel dramatic and sensual.
  • Sex Talk – Talking dirty is one of the most effective ways to bring more passion into lovemaking. All that you need to do is vocalize these thoughts in order to drive her over the edge.
  • Try More Positions – Sex can be boring with only one move in the bedroom, but there are tons of other positions to try. Buy a Kama Sutra book very soon!

Or if you wanna go all technical…

  • Get a penis Enlargement – The way that you feel about your own body is very important. If you’re self-conscious about the size of your own penis, it’s going to affect your lovemaking in a very detrimental way.
  • Go natural – Exercises to a bigger length in just 30 days. DOWNLOAD FREE COPY

The Un-Well-Endowed by Katrina Gurl


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