Tuesday’s Love Jones – ReLove!

ReLoveWe always believe our first love is our last, and our last love our first – George John Whyte-Melville

When we are heartbroken by the loves of our lives it literally feels like your stomach is going to crawl up into your heart and die a slow, painful death. Seemingly killing you softly and if that isn’t enough, you begin feeding this (what feels like) a torturous pit with self-pity because at least that subsides that feeling of emptiness, betrayal and loneliness.

If you are aching like this, I swear you will love again. You will make it though and when the timing is right you will know that the risk of love is worth it!

Yesterday as my daughter and I talk about the risk your heart feels at the thought of taking another chance at love, ReLovefor some strange reason a giraffe popped in my head…yes, I said a giraffe and here’s why:

A giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world, an adult giraffe can reach up to 17 ft tall, which in most cases they can reach the tip of the second level of a two story home easily.  The long neck of a giraffe has only 7 vertebrae and powerful muscles pump the blood up the long neck to its brain. A giraffe can only keep its head down for 25 seconds.  Anything longer than 25 seconds would alter the blood pressure balance and be extremely dangerous to the giraffe’s life.

Thus, just about everything a giraffe does that includes lowering its head is a risk factor, yet a mother giraffe will take that risk several time daily as she closely guards her newborn calf.

The process of RE-LOVING can feel extremely uncomfortable after a heartbreak, but it is indeed possible if you give love a chance again.  I chose to use the giraffe as a metaphor, because if an animal can instinctively take a risk to show love to their baby calves, surely we can LOVE OURSELVES enough to risk fully loving again.

The Journey to Love Begins with You…

Accept You!

Remember that until you fully accept who you are, you can’t change anything about your Life. The simple choice of acceptance of all parts of your being gives you ownership of your journey and therefore power to decide what stays, what leaves and what must evolve. Once you have made room to “love yourself’” you are creating space to bring density to your life. A life that you can be proud of.

Be Open to the Possibility of Love!

Life is a journey to which you have embarked with great potential to enjoy it all. When you let Love be your guide, it promises you to give you the ride of your Life.

Inviting Love!

I encourage people to take small steps. Love is the most gratifying gift on earth and how dare us not experiencing it in our everyday lives. We must trust that we will be OK. Shutting the door to love is not a real answer; it’s only the wall we build with false labeling, insecurities, lack of hope and plain old giving up.  At some point you have got to learn that trusting the chance to re-love is much bigger than our wounds of past hurts.

Now go ahead and have a happy Tuesday and take the risk of loving again!

~ Katrina 🙂


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