Tuesday’s Love Jones – Woman Happy!

Tuesday's Love Jones - Woman Happy!From the beginning of time men have made it seem to one another that “women are hard to please.” But, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Women are very easy to please, satisfy and keep happy and since I am a woman I should know, duh!

Women don’t need a man to really per-say “MAKE” them happy, but we do need, security, truth and commitment to assist in our happiness…BOTTOM LINE!

There is no wonderful, extravagant ways to reach this formula other than to JUST DO IT!  A woman wants to know that she can simply count on the man that claims to love her.  For example, if a woman knows that her mans words are true and are coupled with his actions (most women not all) will love you for life HAPPILY!

There are a lot of men (not all) that are really not willing to do and live up to his word and that is the beginning of a woman not remaining happy in her relationship.

As I was speaking with a colleague last month on the topic of commitment in relationships, we both agreed that trust is the true source any woman needs to feel safe in her relationship.  Ya see, women don’t need any added reasons to be insecure…the world’s view already provides that, so when it come to our relationships all we what is to know that what we see and feel is really real.

I truly think that the sexiest thing about a man is his ability to be true to his wife or girlfriend. A lot a folks may think that a mans outer appearance, muscles, money or car is what attracts women, but to a real woman that is already satisfied with herself looks at the inner man and how beautiful is honesty in a man. Jill Scott says it best in a song by Robert Glasper named “Calls” 

“I don’t even have to question
if it’s real or not,
you’re right there, all times”

Tuesday's Love Jones - Woman Happy!

What more can I say other than our need for truth coupled with actions is what makes women feel secure. Is that too much to ask???

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Tuesday!

~ Kat 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Woman Happy!

  1. Great post sis. Definitely have to say that this speaks to a lot of people and the depths of their commitment to a person. Unfortunately I don’t believe a lot of people are familiar with what exactly commitment entails and how it feels.

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