Tuesday’s Love Jones – Man Happy!

Man HappyFirst of all, the best way to be happy in a relationship is to be happy on your own. Period. If you’re happy on your own, you’re already well on your way to being happy in your relationships.

However girls, men are very simple when it comes to pleasing them. They really do want to keep things simple. That is not a meth. In fact, most guys would say no, but when they find the right woman and get smitten, they truly feel that they become responsible for her happiness. Most guys we’re raised to be emotionally independent, and having been brought up with this ideal, it only seems fair that the same should go for you, too.

Tell Him Compliments: They say women like compliments. What they do not say aloud is that men LOVE them too. When it comes to compliments, we all go weak in the knees.

For example make small things seem special like “I love when you made coffee…seems sweeter when you do it.” Now see what you did with that simple statement there? You’ve boosted his ego right on the spot AND made him smile. Compliments will make your man happy, but they will also serve as a nice way to change your man’s behavior.

Be Supportive to Your Man: No matter how crazy his ideas are, support your man. Whether it’s something small and insignificant, you should always be there for him.

When my husband told me he wanted to trade in his truck for a bigger one that would cost us MORE money in the long run; my first thought was to fly off the handle, but after a calmed down I decided to just leave the situation alone. Turns out the new truck has blessed our entire family and makes us more money overall than the last one. The thing is that there are NO right or wrong choices, they are just choices and you will never know what’s best in a long run anyway. No matter what he decides to do, just believe that he can do it. It’s your support that makes it all possible! You know that every great #man in history had a great woman by his side who truly believed in him.

Take Care of Him: Men might not say it, but they absolutely need our help organizing the household and sometimes their life. It’s comforting to a man to know that his woman has his back.

Take Care of Yourself: Remember when you first started going out and you were trying to look your best every time he saw you? Just carry on doing it! In general men feel happy just looking at a pretty woman, it’s how they are wired. So, just make sure you still are an eye-candy to your man and please do not underestimate sex and intimacy in long-term relationships. Try to be as inspiring sex-wise as you used to be at the early stages of your relationship, or better yet, become even sexier!

Eat Together: All men without exception like to eat well. My husband does, and I am sure your Prince Charming does too. So whether it be out or dining in be sure to take the time to eat together. Your house will feel like “home.”

See, guys are simple! This should be no trouble at all for us to do this for our man as long as he is a faithful and loyal which we will touch on in next week’s Tuesday’s Love Jones.

Have an amazing the rest of your week 🙂

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