Tuesday’s Love Jones – On Fleek!

20150310_202952_20150310_204505-1On “fleek” seems to be the latest slang word that describes being “on point”  As a publisher, writer and now a natural hair product developer; things have gotten super busy! Not to mention all the recent road trips I’ve been taking lately…Put A Wedge In It Blogs has been anything but this “on fleek!” This blog literally means the world to me, but I will be pushing the breaks for a while and posts will be rather sporadic for a while.

When I took on the notion to create my own natural hair line; I had no idea the real business sense it entailed. Heck, I thought my wonderful mix was shelf ready as is and all I needed was a pretty shipping jar and label.  I quickly found out that that was FAR from the truth. I needed to get my product FDA approved, meanwhile complete a book about my own natural hair process which is titled UNNATURAL. It takes a deep look at why I decided to go natural and is also a must read book if you have made the decision as well.

And, even as all that was slowly forming, I have clients to tend to over at Steamy Trails Publishing. I am no where near complaining, because God is literally allowing me to dream up income right from my desk that helps generate a positive cash flow that helps my family make ends meet.

In short, not that I even get a lot of feedback here, but to the wonderful folks that do regularly stop in…posting will be a bit more delayed than usual. Steamy Trails PublishingCinchAWasteMyBooksKitKatCoaching and  KatrinasHairGoopCompany will be taking up lots of my time, but I will keep you all posted…promise!

Anyway, have an amazing rest of your week and stay tuned with me.

~ Kat 🙂

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