Tuesday’s Love Jones – Gumption!

GumptionGumption! Gumption simply means to have a spirited initiative and resourcefulness.  Do you lack “gumption” in your life, marriage or relationship? Well, if you are anything like me, the answer to this question is “yes.”

There are many reasons that we may lose the gumption we need in our relationship and one of them is because we become tired of trying things that don’t work or we may even have a fear of trying new things in fear of failure. But, did you know that without the spirit of initiative and resourcefulness there is really not much we can successfully achieve in a run of a day.

When a person takes initiative; no matter what it may be for…there is a level of respect that comes with that type of attitude. A person that shows initiative also shows reliability and when you can rely on someone it makes a person feel secure.

If you’ve ever went on a job interview, the main objective of the employer is not only knowledge in a particular field, but they also want to know can they rely on you as an employee.  They want to be able to count on your personal initiative skills to help their company flourish and look good.

This word gumption is pretty powerful when you take time to break it’s mean down huh? Gumption simply means to have a spirited initiative and resourcefulness and if that is the case according Webster’s Dictionary, what will you seek the gumption to do today?

  • Finish a book you started?
  • Complete the plans for a small business?
  • Be kinder to your spouse?
  • Become a friend to someone in need?
  • Get fit/Lose weight?
  • Volunteer somewhere?
  • Go back to school?
  • Go natural?
  • Remodeling a room?
  • Learn a new language?
  • Travel more?

No matter what you choose, take the gumption in your life to become a better YOU! The sooner you do that, the better off everyone around you will be.

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