KBC – How to Shape Your Eyebrows Using Makeup & Lashes to Make Your Eyes Pop!

How to Shape Your Eyebrows Using Makeup & Lashes to Make Your Eyes Pop…


Many women spend a lot of time and money keeping their bushy brows in check. I, on the other hand, spend most of my efforts trying to fill mine in with makeup. If you have naturally light or sparse eyebrows, or if you’ve over-tweezed like I have, you may want to know how to shape your eyebrows using makeup and here is what I do.

1. Even if your goal is to add some volume to skimpy brows, you want to make sure you start with a nice shape andBrows&Lashes preferably with two brows that are shaped roughly the same. Symmetry is key when it comes to brow-shaping.

2. After washing my face and applying foundation to even out my skin tone, I’m ready to start shaping my eyebrows using makeup. I use a trick I learned from a makeup artist that involves applying a light concealer. I recommend using something several shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This creates a nice highlight and makes your brows look extra polished.

3. Next, I use a brow pencil just slightly darker than my natural brow color to fill in my eyebrows. Going slightly darker makes my eyebrows look more dramatic, but the pencilList of Things I use still blends with my own color for a natural look.

4. After filling in my brows with brow pencil, I dust a light finishing powder around my eyebrows to blend and set the concealer.

The end result are flawless brows that are neat and symmetrical. Having well-shaped brows, whether you use hair-removal techniques like tweezing or makeup or both, will open up your eye area and make you look brighter-eyed and more put together. If you want to do one thing to really change your look today, follow these steps to shape your eyebrows using makeup.


1. Before you do anything else, measure the length of the lash to make sure it fits your eye shape. If the strip needs 20141119_192340to be cut to fit, snip the outer edge completely off with small nail scissors. This will avoid drooping at the corner (meaning: no more lashes poking your eyeball).

2: Take both edges of the lash and bend inward to create a “C” shape, and hold for a couple of seconds. That’s the best way to take out the straightness and ensure it molds to our curved eye shape and stays put without the corners lifting up. Just this alone will make the rest of the process effortless.

3: Apply a glue and if you have a steady hand, you can squeeze straight from the tube onto the strip. Tend to get shaky? An easy trick: put glue on the reverse (handle) end of a tweezer and glide it across the strip, as pictured. Be generous at both the inner and outer corners so the glue won’t unstick when you blink.

4: Wait ten seconds or so for the glue to become more tactile and sticky (you can also blow on the glue or wave it gently in the air) before placing the lash. This is the best way to keep the strip from slipping around while you’re trying to line it up properly.

5: Aim for the base of your natural lash line, right on top of your real lashes, not touching the eyelid at all. The glue dries clear, so don’t worry if a little gets on your skin.

6: Once you’ve placed both lashes, you can do your mascara; this will help integrate the natural lashes with the false ones.

7: If you see a gap showing on the eyelid between your real lashes and falsies, don’t worry! You don’t have to pull it off and start again…just fill in the gap, using a matte black eye shadow as a liner to hide it quickly.

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