Repost Monday – Sensual Poetry!

Every chance we get PAWII Blogs loves to take the time out to share what other artists, writers, poets and authors have to say. We call them guest bloggers…today we are RE-SHARING some poetry by Author Robert D. Gordon. Check out his latest book entitled “The Routine” available on Amazon.


Cummin’ and Going
by Robert D. Gordon

Cummin’ and Going

I’m all alone in my room –
looking up at the ceiling |
Telling myself I’m okay –
but still fighting the feeling |
To hit send on my phone – wondering if you’re home |
I wanna pour out my heart –
but I’ll just write you this poem…
You got me here reminiscing
Dreaming & thinking ‘bout kissing
Every inch of your body
Learning your favorite positions
I wanna hug and embrace you
Licking my lips while I taste you
Mesmerized by the flavor
Baby, no one could replace you
You keep me ready for action
Guaranteed satisfaction
You tell me just how you want it
Just to see my reaction
Grabbing the back of my head
Your juices soaking the bed
Making love to my tongue
Keeping your lover well fed
Don’t ever look for another
Forget those weak minded suckas
I’ll give you candle light service
The tuck you under the covers
I’ll switch it up when u need it
Eat – beat it up and repeat it
Your pretty pussy looks hungry
And I’m determined to feed it
I see you bitin’ that pillow
We’re steaming up all the windows
I want those legs spread wide open
So I can slide in the middle
I’ll keep ya cummin’ and going
& Speed it up before slowing
Winding and grinding non-stop
Too keep that sweet river flowing…


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