KCB – My Lil Pixie Wig!

elf vampire beauty book insideHi Friends!

There is nothing better than changing your look every now and then.  This week I’m doing an ELF Cosmetics Pixie Cut, Katrina Gurlmakeup look and settling in with my new pixie style lace-front.  I will be using protective hairstyles all winter long. Trust me, living in the Pacific Northwest is no good news for a gurl going natural.  The cold damp air really keeps my hair dry, brittle, while styling is a continual challenge.

I fell in love with a pixie cut I came across on pinterest and was about to just go cut my real hair for the new look, but luckily, my good friend Deborah of HAIR MERCY HAIR CARE suggest that I get a quick weave instead of chopping off my hair. In the process of me looking for weaving hair, I came across this cut little wig that would give me the look I was looking for.

I DID NOT wake up looking this way…women must continue to care of themselves! Not just for our mates, but for our confidence, health and self respect!!!

  • The makeup book I’m using in the vid is ELF’s Vampire Kit – Not because I want to walk around looking like a vampire, but with proper application; the colors are very nice.  Also, if you fill out the form below…I am picking 3 of my readers to receive your very own ELF kit for FREE!!! Yes, FREE!!!



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