Tuesday’s Love Jones – I Don’t Need A Man!

Tuesday's Love Jones - I Don't Need A Man!Usually, topics here are relationship based and designed for people already in relationships seeking tips on surviving them, but I received a letter that I thought needed addressing. This is one particular topic that pisses me off, so decided to openly post about it. I actually despise when I hear women say, “I Don’t Need A Man!”

Since the 1960’s, feminism has been convincing women they “don’t need men”.  Now we actually have a problem. Women are finding it harder to find a husband. Why do successful women have a need to make men feel demoralized and inadequate.

And get this…

As a fact men have not ever needed women as a form of survival. Men have always been independent. But do you ever hear them saying, “I don’t Need A Woman?” Unless they perhaps were gay… of course not, because they know that if they are aiming to have a family, a woman will always be needed.

Yes, women can technically exist in our society without a male providing assistance for them. Single mothers do it everyday, but there are far more things a man can provide than just monetary security.

We need mean for a host of non-monetary things…

  • You have a solid reason to do your hair and makeup each morning.
  • You never have to make the bed alone.
  • You have a great excuse to have cookies in the house.
  • Husbands can move heavy stuff.
  • Saturday mornings can now be spent talking with someone other than yourself.
  • Regular Sex
  • A lightbulb needs changing? Doorknob is loose? Weatherstripping needs to be replaced? You are no longer the default person for these tasks. These are man jobs.
  • Cuddling
  • Security

Just to name a few!!!

The “empowerment” of women was social engineering to make women more independent. It was designed to make women seek career instead of family. They were told they could “have it all” but for most, that was a lie. feminism, I understand, but, women that say they actually don’t need a man are mentally weak in my opinion.

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Think about it and have a happy Tuesday!

What are some great things you KNOW you need a your man for?

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